Gognio Dungeon (Soon)


@VirtualClint and I have been asking eachother a question repeated basically infinitely the last few days?
it sort of goes like this

GRIM GLAMFIRE: hey, what if there was a random dungeon game?
VirtualClint: yeah like a dungeon but random?
GRIM GLAMFIRE: yeah like some sort of…random dungeon
VirtualClint: yeah. like a dungeon that’s randomly made.

we decided to bring to you the fruits of our Labor (coming soon)

what if you were this man:

and before you was a dungeon. not just any dungeon: a random dungeon. A dungeon holding the Gognio

VirtualClint and I want to bring you that sort of dungeon, a dungeon that could be played on a PC.

here is where we will talk about development:

true random dungeon generation:

completely impassable

enemies that can be killed by the player. skeletons!

excited? what if we told you this game had a system that @VirtualClint and I are calling
"Persistent Living Syndrome"

just like real life, any decision you make lasts forever and cannot be changed.
did you press “q” to 'q’uaff a potion you 'u’sed in your 'i’nventory? it’s gone but only forever.


now finally I know what you’re thinking
so here is a glimpse of a possible future:


(soon) is an overstatement of the speed at which i am learning how to make a roguelike in game maker

(eventually) is also an overstatement but more accurate


I am excited you guys are making videogames.

When will we get playables?


Make sure you include an enemies-off,-pleasant-maze mode : )

How are you pronouncing gognio? Gog-nio or gonyio?


Pronounce it how your soul tells you to.

It can also be pronounced Gluchgawn (glooch-gone)


well right now it’s playable, if you ignore the fact that you get stuck in a single room and skeletons are one hit kills and there is nothing else going on.

so uh, maybe in like 3 weeks?


look at these graphics grim made

breaking out of that tile mindset


Here’s a tip for when you play this game:

LARGER monsters are STRONGER!



there’s never been a game like the one we’re making before
we were thinking "what if…the dungeons you play through on a table-top also existed inside your personal computer? (or apple Macintosh)"
it seems crazy i know but clint and i are committed to this
We really want to capture that feeling of being under the shoe of a merciful, but still ultimately mysterious, Game Master (or as they call them in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, a Dungeon Master)


We’ve been sitting around the DM table for weeks now asking ourselves this question, and as a matter of fact: it’s taken over our very being. Clint and I can’t even get out of bed without asking eachother:

“Could there be a super rare possible chance of encountering another adventurer!!! Possibly friendly or possibly not!!”

As much as I would like to defer to @VirtualClint and I mean I still will, what if, instead, the opportunity was running into the worst possible version of yourself?



Shadow Link is definitely making an appearance, except we don’t have the license so it will be Shmadow Blink



The art in this is way dope


but also:

in character!


Will there be a way for I, the player, to engage in “WIZ BIZ”?


Maybe! Maybe you’re the progenitor! and these guys are just lousy thieves



(thanks @HOBO youre awesome)


this is incredible to me

i am in awe

i love it


it is impolite to stair


what if instead of playing games on a tv

you played games in a tv