god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


Rogers voted Reagan, but Stark was mad that Trump stole his Build That Wall thunder.

I still am amazed at how much Stark goes mask off on his techo-fascist tendencies and then people are still expected to GAF about that dude.


Tony and Cap arguing is just the modern GOP in a nutshell, but with a universe built around justifying them as Good.


have you ever read a comic with captain america in it


See the post I was replying to.

Also yes. I am specifically talking about movie Rogers, to note.


ah ok


Just saw it, didn’t like it.

I’ve at least liked all Marvel movies I’ve seen up to this point; I’m a fan. I was upset by the end of Infinity War even though I can say I liked it as a film.

This, though.

The entire theatre audience laughed at a Thor who had a body that looked like mine. And it was clear the movie meant for them to laugh at it.

I know a lot of previous movie’s accomplishments were undone by Infinity War (Xandar is decimated, the Asgardians are nearly culled, etc) but this movie basically reverses all of Thor’s character growth from the end of Ragnarok; not even Rogers wielding Mjolnir can undo that.

And of course they sacrificed yet another woman for the fucking soul stone, not even the all-women team-up in the final battle can undo that.

I am just so fucking upset.


It was okay. I feel some level of closure, and I’m sort of ready for this movie epoch to end. I need more standalone films please


i have fully come around on people thinking fat-suit thor is bad, it is definitely bad and unnecessary. but i still kind of think Endgame does a better job of moving forward with the character after IW basically shat all over the ending of Ragnarok in the first five minutes. even though the way they depict his ‘low point’ was executed really poorly, where he ends up at the end of the movie is really meaningful in relation to what came before imo.

i think finally facing the weight of his failure and concluding that, after getting closure with his mom, he is truly able to walk away from being king, and realizes that not following in his father’s footsteps is a good thing. everything up to this point has taught him that the odinson family is like cosmically dysfunctional, and even though thor isn’t as bad as any of them at the moment, i think he realizes that it is actually probably for the best if he isn’t king.

so when he walks away he isn’t doing it out of angst or because he is ignoring his fate, but because he genuinely believes that asgard is better in valkyrie’s hands, and in general away from his fucked up family. i think that is pretty cool and demonstrates a weird amount of maturity, even though it was played for laughs. like, in the past his conflict has always been about feeling this duty to fulfill his role in his family and his desire to fuck off and go on adventures. this is exactly what valkyrie was going through in Ragnarok, and she had chosen the latter. but once her mind was changed, she was instantly committed to the cause and never looked back.

but thor was never to just commit like that. it was failing completely that made him realize that he didn’t really have to, that the world would still continue to exist even if he didn’t accept his fate, and that just because you are ‘destined’ to rule doesn’t mean you’re the best person for the job.

weirdly i think that is also part of why he was so happy to see captain america wielding mjolnir - being ‘worthy’ is cool, but it’s also a ton of pressure. and it’s comforting to be reminded that that isn’t all on you.



i am extremely here for Mysterio’s “i’m from an alternate universe” schtick to be revealed as a pathetic con, and mysterio is just a pathological liar in over his head. i wonder if that is a misdirect though, after iron man 3 i don’t know if they would pull another gag in the same family


Mysterio? More like Known Quantity-o.


i kind of hope they run with it cuz i think these movies have done that shtick a lot better


something i just realized about Endgame that, as a fan of these movies, is extremely stupid is that somehow literally snapping your fingers becomes the way you do things with the infinity gauntlet. it’s not a metaphor, it’s literally snapping your fingers. all three of them do it. it’s the visual equivalent of when characters are referred to by their comic book names for the first time as though it’s normal even though it has never previously been established in the MCU that Clint is supposed to be called “Hawkeye”, etc


maybe they just saw thanos do it first and assumed that’s how it works

send me my no-prize, stan


i hope at the very least if mysterio is from an alternate earth that he turns out to be a villain hiding out


mcu immediately jumping off of endgame into more cosmic weirdness is exactly what I want and sooner than I expected. gimme the forbidden “good fantastic four movie”

also that trailer seems to be playing up peter as the New MCU Lead, which is a weird risky move to make when holland isn’t exactly the most charismatic actor

unrelated to the trailer but I always appreciated that Feige and co. understood that we all know Spidey well enough that we could skip over his origin and just have a-kid-who-got-fucked-up-on-spider-bites show up out of nowhere in the middle of someone else’s movie


it makes sense to build around Holland: he appeals to the teenage crowd (not like I know any teenagers, but I’m pretty sure) and has vaguely RDJ-like mannerisms. and he’s only 23 which gives them a good real-time 10 year ‘Spider-boy becomes Spider-Man’ arc to play with through Phase 4.

the other option they have to build a new story around is Capt Marvel and well, that dog doesn’t hunt in terms of bankable charisma IMO. but they’ll try, oh they’ll try.


I haven’t seen the standalone tom holland spiderman movie but in the avengers stuff he seems, like, consistently too puppydog stupid to even have grad student vibes

the kid they cast in the playstation game was better


well he’s a high school student so he prolly shouldn’t have grad student vibes

they really don’t spend much time on the ‘he’s a tech genius’ aspect of the character though. he made the web shooters but it’s just been Stark giving him his suits + he likes retro macs


Spiderman: Homecoming was easily one of the best MCU films though, and a ton of that comes down to how great Holland is at being a likable dork without making me want to punch him.

It’s kinda weird to center the MCU around him, but eh, I can think of worse choices.