genshin impact

this is out now! and it’s free!
i’ve just played about 30-40 minutes of it. got to the first city, wandered off and found a boss that was way too strong for me, that’s about it really.

an interesting thing is that you can climb almost any wall. it seems normal when you’re out in the wilderness climbing cliffs, but then you get to the city and you climb up buidlings like some feral weirdo.

here’s some screenshots, it looks very nice



i dunno, but i haven’t seen anything asking for money while i played either

or alternatively summarized by Wikia embeds:

I have never heard of this

at the start of the thread, I was thinking “this isn’t giant robots, is this an Atelier?”

looking around a bit after checking out the screenshots, I was thinking “how is this beautiful open-world animes RPG from China on the big consoles but also things I can hold in my hand?”

now I am the stage of grief known as “I remember Horse Armor”


Wishes are the gacha wishes will be introduced and retired. See Wishes/List based on miHoYo’s schedule for current/past wishes. There is always one Standard Wish, to perform Wishes (Gacha). Fates cost 160 Primogems which uses Acquaint Fate, and one Primogem. Primogems are the premium currency in the premium special currency can be used for Genshin Impact. They offers a monthly subscription that players to unlock the Battle Pass or to buy Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate each. Table above does not include rewards starting at Adventure Rank 20. Once unlocked players wishes will be introduced and retired. Original Resin based on the Chinese Final Closed Beta Test’s prices. Various daily, weekly, and BP Period missions for about $5 can purchase Battle Pass EXP (BP EXP.


ok then dont buy anything

honestly don’t even slightly care about any of that shit. if i ever hit a wall where the game’s too hard unless i buy something, then i’ll stop playing.
until then, i’ll have fun running round taking pictures and hitting stuff with my sword


Is it as Breath of the Wild like as it looks in the trailers? Like, I guess I’m asking does it have weapon degradation and physics based equipment that can be used in creative ways, in addition to the climbing and cooking that looks straight out of BotW?

no degradation or physics stuff mainly. better feeling combat tho


the relaxing atmosphere really does not jive with the game’s constant attempts to overwhelm you with notifications and slot machine-style reward systems

i realise that applies to heaps of games (i’m just dipping in because free) but i feel like it’s a lot more tolerable in something more tonally busy e.g. let it die


It’d be nice if there was an option to just buy the full game and not have the irritating gacha stuff exist because it sure looks pretty. Even attempting to read about the “wishes” makes me feel extremely tired.


i also felt this way towards let it die. but that didn’t have gacha, just regualr pay stuff.
i’m hoping that genshin impact will at least be totally playable without buying shit like let it die also was

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i’ve played a little more. elements are a big thing in this game.

get enemies wet, then cast ice magic on them, and they freeze, shoot fire arrows at wooden stuff and it burns, and so on. you can use wind magic to blow dandelions!

the more i play, the stranger it becomes that this is free to play rather than a proper release


split between “this is terrible” and “the combat is fun”

the BotW stuff is either violently superficial or really not thought about deeper than “well, BotW had it and we’re ripping that off”, the best example being the glider. when you cancel the glider in this game, you drop like a fucking rock and lose all your momentum. forget the wacky bullshit speedrunners do with BotW’s physics, you don’t even have something games have been doing for decades

I thought the combat was bad and then my brain clicked with the almost non-existent cooldown for character switching and went “oh, you’re Dante and you gacha roll for styles”. with that said, it’s extremely goofy that you can cancel anything with anything but I’m too busy abusing it to care too much


my major issue is why the fuck is it always online, i dont want to paly multiplayer or roll gacha 24/7 please stop dcing from the server

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honestly these are pluses to me. i like the idea of using the physics to do cool shit in BotW but because they’re physics based it means that something will fall the wrong way and it means I’ve wasted a bunch of cool items on doing some dumb shit that would’ve been fun if I got it right but since I didn’t it feels frustrating. it wouldn’t have been a big deal if the items didn’t degrade but they do, so I don’t feel like experimenting with stuff because it just means i waste good resources trying to do so and will need to go back to specific areas to get them again or grind stuff out, or just don’t battle small fry at all because they’ll always have useless equip in exchange for me degrading my good equipment

i’m sorry i just will always vent about this because it really ruined BotW for me ughhh

the physics puzzles were so frustrating lol i’d be like “i KNOW the answer i’m DOING it right but this thing isn’t going the way that it’s supposed to”


good news

instead of weapons degrading

you have to build them up

at least unlocking levels for characters and weapons isn’t “hey you gotta roll dupes”


this game is way better than my low expectations but it’s also uh… not that exciting (yet?)

i’m curious about the cross platform online multiplayer tho

Kinda curious to see if this stands up over time among other BotW-likes. Immortals seems closer to BotW’s goals but Genshin Impact looks a lot better.

it won’t

the game is if FG/O fucked Skyrim and skinned BotW and walks around wearing the skin