Games you've bought more than once

vanquish on every platform it released on


OH YEAH I bought RE4 on Gamecube and then recently bought it for PC. I was shocked it took me that long to buy it twice.

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I will say that many of these things I am shocked at not buying twice. I bought Fallout 3 for like $5 on the 360, did not buy on PC. I bought Oblivion when it came out, never again. I bought Skyrim the same way I got Fallout 3, did not buy on PC.

When my 360 got stolen and I got a new one, I think the only thing I rebought was…plants vs. zombies? Weirdly I think I had that on disc and ended up buying it digitally instead.

Rebought mainly Japanese versions of games I like. Have 2 copies of Killer7, God Hand, Smash Melee. Bought multiple copies of Travis Strikes Again because I froth for it.

I bought like 3 copies of MGS3 cos I kept thinking I lost it.

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oh yeah ive purchased mgs2, substance on xbox, and hd on ps3

I have two copies of MGS4 for some reason.

I double dipped a lot as an excuse to replay games mostly back in the Xbox/PS2/Gamecube days. I enjoyed finding the little differences in ports or checking out new content added to releases of games that were ported to other consoles later in the same generation.

The greatest hits version of SH2 for PS2 has the Born from a Wish Maria side thing that was previously only in the Xbox version.

I’ve got Fatal Frame for Xbox and PS2.

I’ve got the Chinese release of Rule of Rose and the US release that came later.

I haven’t taken inventory in a while, but there’s a lot of duplicate stuff on my shelf.


i’m one of those weirdos who bought dragons dogma on every platform they’ve owned and convinced capcom to make another one, you’re all welcome


I’ve bought real myst and myst masterpiece edition like three times each

Riven like five times

And every other game twice except for The Remake

Cyan and David lynch are like the only good things that came out of Spokane Washington

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Bought Spelunker for Atari, NES, and a switch port.
Defender on Atari, GBA and Williams Arcade Collection for PC
A lot of Atari games that got put into the Activision Anthology for GBA
Bubble Bobble for PC and NES
DooM on too many things.
Got the Orange Box games on Xbox before getting them on PC

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Back in the DS/3DS heydays, I’d get neurotic about having too much stuff and regularly purge many of my GBA, DS, and/or 3DS carts. A few months later, I’d buy a bunch (but not all) back. Rinse and repeat a few times over. Thankfully, that’s not in my landscape anymore.


I buy Max Payne 3 once a month


besides the double dip to have physical editions, a whole lot. I bought that dnd beat em up collection twice, streets of rage 2, gunstar heroes, i rebought a few games i’ve sold (once for an exorbinant amount), i like having options


I’ve bought Hohokum on PS4 and PC. I am ready to give that game money any time the devs hold their hand out. I’ve finished it like 5 times so I feel like they deserve that from me.

I have lost access to and rebought Creatures 3 and the Docking Station expansion on PC perhaps 3 times. I have a distinct memory of my father coming home from work decades ago with a copy of that game and ever since I’ve been periodically struck by the desire to genetically experiment on little animals, and forced to go through the whole rigamarole of getting the game, digging up my weirdest old Norns files on Google drive, etc. The last time I bought it was on GOG though so I think I no longer have to rebuy it.


I’ve purchased Max Payne on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. Max Payne 2 on Steam and Xbox One. Max Payne 3 on Steam and XBox One. The Warriors on PS2 and PS4. Bully on PS2, PS4, PC and XBox One. Someday I will finish Bully.


Let me ponder this.

  • I thought I lost my copy of Metroid Fusion so I bought a second, then found out that I put my original copy in my Metroid Prime case in case I ever had the thing that let you unlock the original Metroid in one of them.
  • I had Rez for DC then bought a copy on PS2 as I didn’t trust my DC to live much longer, same with a digital copy of Jet Set Radio.
  • I bought carts for Dynamite Headdy and Gunstar Heroes for genesis despite not owning one (thought I’d borrow my sister’s?), eventually picked up the Treasure Box collection for PS2. Also got that big Genesis game collection on Steam so might actually own three copies.
  • Probably doesn’t count but I picked up the version of MGS 2 that had the bonus stuff and gave my copy of the original away to my sis’s boyfriend at the time.

I own Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen on just about every console it was released on. Only game I can think of where I bought multiple copies for myself.


i think i have 6 different copies of mgs3.

on top of that, there’s a bunch of ps3/360 era classics that cost pennies second hand so i’ve bought new versions of rather than find my previous one (ac:fa, child of eden, k&l2)


God Hand: purchased once when it came out, and again when I saw it in a bargain bin. I think I still have both copies.

Nanobreaker: technically I only bought one copy of this, but I am gonna count it because a friend bought another copy for me when he saw itin a truckstop of all places.

MGS3: I bought the Subsistence LE when it came out, then bought it again with the MGS trilogy box, and (I know this doesn’t techincally count probably) but the PS3 remaster as well. I think I might have played the MSX games more than MGS3 on the PS3 version.

MGS2: Bought the Xbox version of Substance, really just for Snake on a skateboard and this version of the theme:

Then again with the boxed set and the PS3 release.

Twilight Princess: bought it once for the Gamecube, sold to a friend, bought again for the Wii. Never finished either.

RE4: Gamecube and Wii versions.

Cave shooters: I have a lot of the Xbox 360 versions thanks to Rudie. And the US release of Deathsmiles 1 on the 360, and the completely untranslated Deathsmiles 2 XBLA release. And now i rebought a bunch of these almost exact ports for the Switch.

Ikaruga: first had a burned copy for my DC, but then bought the Gamecube version, and also think I have it on XBLA. (Radiant Silvergun also existed in burned form until I bought the XBLA version). (Really, if we count burned games that I later bought, we will be here a while).

Half-life 2: bought the original Xbox port (hated it but never finished), bought the 360 port (hated it but finished it to spite myself), and somehow have a Steam copy as well.

Destiny 2: PS4 and PC

I’m probably forgetting some in here.


Pretty sure the only games I’ve ever bought twice, once for console and once for PC, are RE5 and Dog Days.

Co-op is important.