Games you've bought more than once

Not remasters - when have you bought the exact same game more than once?

I got Gears of War for the 360 to play with my friends, and I played it a lot. For some reason, I had my Xbox 360 sitting vertically and it fell over while I was playing the game. Turns out that destroys the disc entirely. I bought it a second time the next day.

I liked Crypt of the Necrodancer so much on Switch that I bought it on PC recently when the new DLC came out.

I liked Nuclear Throne so much on PC that I bought it on Switch so I could play it portably.

I bought Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U and the Switch. I have been tempted by BotW, but have not done that particular one yet.

I suppose I bought Fallout 1 and 2 twice - once in the double pack at wal-mart and once at some sort of sale GOG was having

There are surely more but that’s what I can remember!


my house got broken into when i was in hs, and most of my old video games were stolen, so i got to rebuy a lot of them using insurance money. i can’t remember exactly what was included in this, but it was a lot, mostly nes and snes and gameboy stuff. i remember feeling weird about it because a lot of it was stuff i hardly ever used anymore, but also it was like psychologically important for me to replace the purloined objects or w/e. the main thing i remember is the dude at the used game store we got the replacement stuff from being all excited about it. funny in retrospect but at the time i was like ‘you are a grown adult. you shouldn’t be this happy about this…’


I have bought every remaster of myst. All of them.

some of them several times


was gonna ding you on the “no remasters” rule but you limbo’d under that bar with the last sentence


Off the top of my head:

  • Doom/Doom 2 (3x) - PC, PC again (Steam), PS4
  • Ikaruga (5x) - GameCube (froth version), PS3, PS4, XBOX One, PC
  • SOTN (3x) - PS1, PS3, PS4
  • Windosill (3x) - PC, PC again (Steam), iPad
  • World of Goo (3x) - Wii, PC, iPad

My list would be much longer if I included games I bought only twice, such as the Wii Virtual Console versions of games I already owned on other platforms and GOG titles. (Of all the GOG games I own I think the only one I’ve ever even installed was Raptor, which turned out to be more difficult than I remembered.)


i will say that this is reminding me that a lot of the games i thought i bought twice i actually bought once, but had previously pirated. just out here telling on myself


Oh yeah, I’ve bought doom a bunch

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Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence with a box set of 1-3 and again by itself for the second disc with the MSX games and extras

EarthBound for $45 on eBay in 2004 and again on the Wii U in 2013.

Lots of PCish games repurchased on Steam that I original bought on the 360 e.g. New Vegas

Stopped buying digital console games after getting burned with the PS3, so for better or worse owning things on Steam/PC precludes repurchasing. I have not repurchased anything from Origin, Epic, etc. to have on Steam, either


In January of 2019, I ordered a Japanese copy of FF8. It didn’t show up, so I asked for a refund on eBay and ordered from a different seller. The pandemic hits, EMS announces they’re going to be ending shipments between Japan and Canada, and then in April of 2020, my original copy of FF8 shows up. So there’s one dupe.

A few months ago, I ordered a copy of FF9. FF7 showed up instead, but I already owned a copy of FF7 International, so now I’ve got a dupe of that too.

So those are my unintentional dupes. Intentional are:

  • BlazBlue Central Fiction & BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle (PS4 & Steam): Got a whole PC just to play BBCF rollback and bought that collection of all the BlazBlue games
  • BlazBlue Continuum Shift (PS3 & Steam)
  • Front Mission 3 (PS1 & Vita)
  • Gran Turismo 2 (PS1/NTSC-U and PS1/NTSC-J)

I used to regularly buy copies of UT and Quake from the CD bins at thrift stores for LAN party purposes.


And I’ve been stockpiling copies of Faceball for the Gameboy to eventually try a 16 player game.


i’ve owned basically every release of 3S except a CPS3 board and rom


I own 6 copies of Animal Crossing Wild World. I alternate between two every couple months to revive dead Wi-Fi content.


I bought Space Giraffe from the old Xbox Live Arcade, and then I bought it again on Steam.


How many ports of RE4 have there been cuz I’ve bought like…every single one, I think.


I have Zelda 1:

  1. As my childhood NES cart
  2. For the GBA with the missing last column on every sprite
  3. On the Gamecube collection
  4. On the Wii
  5. For the 3DS
  6. As that modern Game N Watch thing
  7. On the NES Classic
  8. On the Switch (but that doesn’t really count)

And I think I’ve played through each version except the Game N Watch one.

I keep meaning to hunt down that Famicom cart release that someone mentioned here a couple weeks back, since I don’t have a Disk System yet.


ive never “bought” a “videogame” ???

jk… ive bough smt nocturne twice and killer7 twice… sky odyssey 4x… ikaruga twice


I’ll rebuy any old shit, if I had the means I woulda bought all these Steam releases of old ass shooters for the nth fuckin’ time, I’m always looking for the best versions of the oldest trash, I’m a man who is always CRAVING


Does Resident Evil 4 count? Gamecube, PC, Switch, XBox One and PS4.

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Thanks to bundles there’s all kinds of games I’ve technically purchased like 3 times over, frequently on the exact same platform (Steam)

I accidentally purchased two copies of one of the Bit Generations games (can’t remember which, it was PlayAsia’s fault. I resold my extra copy to a friend).

However in terms of games that I’ve purchased more than once on purpose, it’s Far Cry 2. Once at launch on Xbox360, once a few years later for a very deep discount used, also for Xbox 360. Didn’t wind up playing it much the second time around, though. Sometimes when there’s a Steam sale and it’s listed for like $2.00 I consider buying it a third time. Haven’t pulled the trigger on that yet, though.