Games you would put on the PlayStation Classic


Jumping Flash 2 over 1 what the hell

Too many JRPGs in general. I know a lot of people consider the PSX a jarpeg machine but it so, so much more

Unforgivable lack of Psygnosis


He did put Team Buddies and Colony Wars: Vengeance on his auxillary list


i still don’t really understand the appeal of the mini console things


lots of people like to pretend it’s really difficult to set up emulators


I myself am a person who flatly refuses to think even three seconds about setting up an emulator and I still don’t see the appeal of these mini console things


Bushido Blade.


The appeal of mini console things is four fold:

  1. Perfect replica controllers
  2. Really good, pleasant UX that you don’t have to mess around with, which surprisingly does everything you’d generally want it to do, right down to good CRT shaders
  3. You can hack that shit and get whatever games you want on them, incredibly easily!
  4. You can stick these cool self-contained units on a TV and visitors can very easily fuck around with them and have a good time.

Note that these four apply to the NES and SNES mini, no idea how applicable they’ll be to a PSX mini.


insert vine of rudie telling me neo geo mini doesn’t have a clicky stick


the appeal is “not everyone is/knows a goddamn nerd who can program a raspberry pi”

that said the official list is pretty mediocre. and why the fuck is parappa not on it


yeah to be fair they haven’t made one for a console i actually care about yet


any list that doesn’t have Top Shop on it is invalid, and possibly a crime (check with your local law enforcement)


because they sell parappa on ps4


I might get excited when they make it up to the PS2/GameCube mini

  • Tail of the Sun

  • King’s Field

  • Echo Night

  • WWF Smackdown (licensing be damned)

  • Zero Divide 2

  • Tenchu, preferably the upgraded one with the level editor

  • Front Mission 3

  • Tony Hawk 2

  • Mega Man Legends

  • Tomba!


wipeout 3 is a must
mtv music generator / music 2000, if only for preservation reasons


All I want is a small, semi-portable way to take Rising Zan, Incredible Crisis and Evil Zone with me on the go.

Those games were never gonna be on this thing (are Titus and Agetec even around anymore?), but a man can dream :frowning:


i mean, real talk anyone who buys this thing would be remiss not to immediately hack it to put whatever the heck they want on there


I believe you mean Wip3out.

But also, it should come with a CD so you can jam to that Redbook in your car, like the original.


Wipeout XL had the better soundtrack IMO.


for real tho

if it turns out to be hackable, i may get one and keep it with me at all times for impromptu parappa/lammy jam sessions