Games you would put on the PlayStation Classic


Just Ape Escape


Nope. It plays really well with that absurd number of buttons on a regular PS1 controller.


Suikoden is definitely better than Wild Arms but in Wild Arms when you step in a puddle your sprite leaves little wet footprints that eventually fade so, you know, that makes them about even


Top-down GTA was difficult to enjoy when it was new but if they had to include one why couldn’t they have gone with GTA 2?


top down gta is the best kind of gta

but yeah, 2 is better than the first one in every way


I could never get comfortable with controlling them. That was my main beef. Really I just need an analog stick.

GTA 2 was the first one I played at a friends house on his pc in 1999/2000. It sucked me right in for about 40 minutes or so. Gouranga!


The top-down classic Chinatown Wars on the DS is the best GTA game, straight up.


-Spider-Man 2

  • Ehrgeiz
    -MGS VR missions
    -MM X 4 5 &6
    -Bushido Blade one and two
    -Parappa the Rappa
    -Chrono Cross
    -FF Tactics



Only if you want the dualshock massage from Naomi.


tim’s list is pretty dope so I’m posting it


Hell yeah In the Hunt!


Suikoden maintained with that idea of an impressive epic acquiring the 108 stars, romantic inspiration and the standout war battles, getting through it though late gen I remember finding both the narrative and battles just light enough not to be tedious, it was dry but certainly moved fast. A shame I haven’t touched II (and on), the first was one of the most interesting systems wise, but imo un-engaging rpgs I committed to finishing for PSX.

It has some steps on class where Wild Arms is largely post-SNES anime rpg, somewhat fresh for the time with that fantasy-western-punk. The animated intro is deserving of all the love it gets but I’ve always found the whole sad prologue, and entire ending cutscenes + animated credits outstanding. Yeah probably more than half of it is the soundtrack.

Alundra 2 had to get a hard pass, relegated to that “sequel with sharp tone or aesthetic change and sugary sweet typicality it loses me < 1 hour” pile.

About 2/3rds of Tim’s list is basically what mine would be, switching Blood Omen for Soul Reaver, Parasite Eve in the mix. Maybe Incredible Crisis.


never finished it while younger but i like brigandine a lot and wish more people talked about it.

suikoden ii is one of my favorite jrpgs and it makes me want to play the first if only to have the protagonist as a playable character on a new playthrough of the second


Why isn’t Tim on the new forum? Does anyone know any good incantations for summoning someone? Maybe if we all drop some sigils ITT he’ll show up…


It’s for the best


Bye Tim


He is, he pops in occasionally


i can’t abide this reckless blood omen: legacy of kain recommendation

that game kinda sucks

maybe i should give it another chance? i’ve given it about 3 attempts over the last 20 years and each time i feel more drained. maybe the 4th time’s the charm, idk


I’ve started it a million times too. maybe if I originally played it way back when I would of loved a barely graphically legible 2d zelda but with a vampire


I played about 5 hours of the PC version with intermittent crashes. I think that the crashes might have made it a better experience. It’s a really tepid game.

I think the only reason I played it that long because I’ve played too much Soul Reaver