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I believe the term is “blitzball”.


Just following in the footsteps of Wakka, the true OG (blitz)baller.


hot rediscovery: Splatoon 2 is a good game

also a hot rediscovery: NoA Treehouse writes good scripts


Dragon Quest Builders is exactly the game I wanted it to be, which is nice. Still messing around in the first level, just got a second teleporter but instead of adventuring I spent time changing all the earth walls in my village to brick walls.

The “cladding” thing where you can upgrade earth to different materials is brilliant, btw. I was not looking forward to tearing down my structures and rebuilding them, but it turns out I don’t have to! Love it.


I’m also playing Dragon Quest Builders on Switch. There’s a grumpy libertarian named Larouche who comes to live in your village and complain a lot. I made his room out of “crumbling brick” material and gave him an iron prison door and a rotting chest to keep his stuff in. This game gives you tons of amusingly shitty materials to build with, and I appreciate that!


We should have a thread where we share each of our Act’s final towns

(spoiler: you build a new town in each Act)

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But Thou Must (share pictures from Dragon Quest Builders) (Now the general DQ Builders thread)

Hey everyone was right cardfighters clash DS is very bad!!!


Some thoughts on the SotC remake so far:

  • Those new collectibles must be super well hidden, 12 collosi in and I have only found 2 so far. I scoured the entire south eastern coast area and found nothing. Apparently there are over 70 of them.

  • I found a watermelon on the secret beach. I don’t think that was there before.

  • Originally after the half way point, Wander starts looking really haggard with darker hair, pale skin, filthy clothes and kind of zombie-like eyes. In this version they seemed to have toned it down to the point that you can’t really notice any difference, which is a bit disappointing.

  • I still swear the original PS2 version was much easier when it came to gripping onto the collosi and stabbing them. Both this and the PS3 remaster have you flopping all over the place making it a bit more frustrating.

  • I finally noticed that the reason the camera is so weird is that it is constantly trying to center align Wander’s head vertically and align horizontally by one third of the screen width.

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FFXV Pocket Edition is real cute. The art feels like a better translation of the 16-bit FF look to 3D. It’s a high-res successor to Four Warriors of Light’s look - I’m not sure if Akihiko Yoshida worked on it but it’s his style. It’s nice to play since I’ve realized that I just plum won’t play regular FFXV.

P5 sucking aside, I’d like that kind of game on a phone, too.


There are 79 of them, and they’re really all over the place but usually just out of the way or hard to reach. I’ve found about five, I think. Finding all of them unlocks a door in the temple which leads to a room with a sword with increased attack power and decreased health regeneration.

I am at the shrine outside the final colossus’ location and I’m probably going to stop for a moment and just go wandering and exploring because dang it is a pretty game and this time around we get to have the scale and the detail. Though I do agree something is lost by filling in all the detail but, like, the PS2 and PS3 versions still exist, so?

But yeah I am enjoying myself after an early stumble on colossus 3* and will probably do all the time attacks and attempt to get all the unlockable stuff for once.

*Took me too long to remember you have to be far enough away and stationary to get him to do the attack that lets you climb up his arm, then I had to remember to wait until he stops walking to jump from his mid section to his left arm. I missed that jump several times and was really aggravating myself and wondering if somehow the game was actually terrible this whole time and I only now was just realizing it.


I’m doing the time attacks now and colossus 3 is still just awful awful awful. It drags the rest of the game down, really. There are a couple others that aren’t very good but this one just takes the cake. There’s just no way to reliably get him to attack you the way you want him to when you want him to. In time attack you have over 6 minutes to defeat him and you’ll likely spend half of that just trying to get on him to where you can attack him.

They should have cut this one but instead they stuck it in the beginning part of the game and used it for all the marketing material. Whoever signed off on colossus 3 can burn in hell for eternity.


Eh? Its been a long time, but I’m pretty sure that in the PS2 version, if you stand on the metal circle, he pretty much automatically switches to trying to slam you with his club. I think that your position on the metal circle triggers his downward club slam. But maybe not?


Yeah I’m trying to do it without breaking his wrist armor because there’s a trophy associated with that and I just wanted to make it harder on myself.

Whichever he does is based on his proximity to you. If you’re within a certain range he’ll move in and do the downward slam when he gets close enough, if you’re further out he does the normal swing that lets you climb up the sword and onto the arm. I’ve worked out that you only need to move forward a little bit at the beginning of the fight and then stop and wait and 90% of the time he’ll stop and do the big swing attack. But it’s still iffy.

At least in this version they give you an extra 90 seconds on hard time attack. Originally it was just a flat five minutes, so technically if you’re doing the fight normally and breaking the wrist armor then this version is actually easier since you have more time overall.

I just felt like complaining.

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select button
I just felt like complaining


I knew if I whined about it to someone I would start making progress, which I have. I haven’t accomplished my feat yet but I can consistently get onto the body and start attacking weak spots.


Is it wrong that I look at the SOTC remake, go “the people in charge of this thought that the thing the game needed was dozens of trinkets to find” and immediately lose interest? It feels like a small thing to bury a game over, but jeez that feels like a profound case of missing the point.


All of the changes to PS4 SotC mentioned in this thread so far sound pretty misguided, though I guess not deal-breakers. Then again, I always thought that “time attack” mode cheapened the experience of the original game.

Changes that I think they should have made:

  • Eliminate the useless icon that indicates the weapon that you are obviously holding. (Eliminating the HUD entirely would be too much to hope for.)
  • Add in one or two of the unused colossi from those old screenshots, in hidden places.

I’m still looking forward to playing this new version at some point. I have not revisited the game since the time of the PS2 version’s release.

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The UI is much improved but still quite unnecessary, yeah.

I think the unused colossi may have been cut for a reason if my experience with #3 is anything to go by.

However at this point (6:56 record so far, need to get it below 6:30) I have moved past hating this fight. I learned its rhythms somewhat, like how close I need to be standing to get it to back up vs. step forward and try to stomp me. Whether I chose to break the armor or not it still takes me roughly over a minute and close to two just to get to the first weak spot on the torso.

I had started by moving straight to the head but there’s too much flailing around. I think I have a better chance taking out the torso and elbow first since those don’t take as long due to being in less precarious positions. Then the head is the only health left and if I can get to it with at least two minutes to spare I can probably do it in under the par time. How in the hell people accomplished this with the original par time of 5:00 is beyond my ken. I think they may have been relying on tricks like not breaking the armor and letting the sword fling them onto the torso and a glitch that keeps you from flopping around when the colossus is trying to shake you off. The sword fling move is still more or less possible in the PS4 version, but I don’t know about the glitch.

The game didn’t need time attack or new game+ or a bunch of unlockable items and stuff but it had them anyway because video games are kind of like a trash art medium I guess and they’re still there if you want them. They’re easy to ignore (time attack, new game+ and the unlockables are only available after you’ve finished the game once anyway) and the new collectible coins are actually really easy to miss. Of the five I’ve found so far two I just kind of stumbled on and the other three I had to go out of my way to find poking at the game world’s limits.


i still feel like the last thing sotc needed was a remake with fancy graphics


Remakes/remastered vidcons are the new colorized versions of old movies and tv shows.