But Thou Must (share pictures from Dragon Quest Builders) (Now the general DQ Builders thread)


Here it is!

I’m obsessed with this game that everyone has already played and finished. I finished Act I yesterday. My town got pretty severely damaged in the fight with the Golem. I built the walls just outside of the “safe zone” so as not to take up any additional space, but during this boss fight about 15 blocks outside of your town turn into flat ground…which took my walls with it.

Oh, and the one item I absolutely needed to fight the boss was also outside of town so it disappeared as well.

Consequently the golem was able to chuck 4-5 boulders at my helpless town before I could build another one of that item.

Oh, and you have to blow him up with TNT, basically, and I accidentally led him into town for the first phase. Since I had already wasted one of my TNT blocks on this, I decided to just blow up the center of my town.

I could have reloaded my save game but actually I like the idea of a city defined by its struggles so…yeah.

Anyway, here’s what it looked like shortly after the destruction:

Not too bad honestly, although he did manage to destroy all but 2 rooms in the chaos. It only took about ten minutes of rebuilding. They never had roofs anyway.

I made a small monument to the place I exploded the Golem the first time (that’s the black and purple square), complete with pieces of Golemite wrenched from his lifeless body. I left the watch tower in the northwest side damaged, as a reminder of the town’s former struggles.

I’m not a very aesthetic person so this is mostly function over form, but I really ended up liking it anyway. I’m going to do a better job on my next town, especially RE: layout and aesthetics. It would be nice if there was a way to make roof tiles like the ones you can find on the castle in act 1, rather than having to harvest them yourself, but oh well.

I wish this game had a photo mode. That would rule.

Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram

I’d post pictures but I played it over a year ago on my Vita, and since I deleted the game file, I lost my save file with it


I am very grateful to you for making me aware that anything outside the boundary of my town will be destroyed in the golem boss fight! Time to do some emergency reconstruction.

I’ll post screenshots when I’m finished with Chapter 1! My town is currently ugly as sin and mostly made of dirt, but we’ll see where it’s at by the end.

I keep trying to build the shittiest room possible for Larouche the libertarian, but the game refuses to recognize this dilapidated prison cell as a bedroom!

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FYI it’s only a temporary destruction - it comes back unharmed as soon as the fight is over.

i should have marked that stuff for spoilers though huh


I put everyone in an Inn…except for Pippa, who got her own nice room. It’s the white chalk room. I put two beds in there as well, we are roommates. She’s the first person who believed in me so yeah she gets the VIP treatment.

I wonder how high you can build in this game


This is really fun and relaxing although the leaving everything behind per chapter aspect kinda makes me less inclined to go hard on making my town look great. Maybe I’ll go back for the challenges and do it then.


i like the leaving everything behind aspect, mostly because my treasure chests were full of garbage and I wasn’t looking forward to organizing those. I got to a new act just before this became necessary.

I want my citizens to have nice and beautiful lives though so I at least made their houses out of brick instead of literal dirt. Well, I upgraded from dirt anyway


Man you are convincing me to give the demo another shot. I started reading up a bit to see if I could find a definitive answer to how high you can build (someone said 30 blocks but I couldn’t confirm it) and apparently there is a free play mode that unlocks after you finish the first chapter and the more chapters you complete the more stuff you unlock for that mode.

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@VastleCania I have to know… What is up with your absurd room that is just crammed full of pots? Are you a virtual hoarder?

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I made a pot room. If you put 5 pots and a chest, the villagers will make more pots. I crammed them in for the extra points. It’s kinda pointless

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God damn it this means I have to turn on my PS4 and figure out how the Share thing works


So I went and bought this game after giving the demo another chance. I have my teleporter and a big brick wall around my town and some brick buildings. Some of them have roofs. I will probably do roofs for everything because I don’t really like not having them. I don’t have any pictures yet because I want to get it to a more “complete” state before showing it off. I’m going to make the centerpiece a really tall tower (at least as tall as the game lets me make it) and have lots of nice decorations and stuff (or at least as nice as I can make in chapter 1).

Everything is currently one story but I’m already planning on expanding/combing some buildings to be two or three stories. Nothing currently built underground but I might make a dungeon or a crypt or perhaps some tunnels leading to somewhere. I don’t know yet.

Haven’t tried seeing how far down I can dig.

Game is a really nice, very relaxing mix of Dragon Quest style gradual progression and Minecraft creative control. And surprisingly I really like the story hook, where this game is a prequel to the series and you aren’t the hero. You can’t level up but your towns can and the only way to get them to do that is to make them look more and more like Dragon Quest towns.

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I’m in the second world, and I’m focusing more on how I want my layout to be before I start building. It’s better in the second world because you start with the big hammer and can pick up a stack of 99 earth in about a minute flat, rather than getting them one-by-one. I wish the place wasn’t so miserable to look at but, y’know, that’s okay.

Slight mechanical spoilers for world 2 below, plus complaining:

I tried to build a watering hole underground but for some reason the game wouldn’t recognize it as the appropriate room! Very annoying. The water crystal mechanics are also very unclear - it appears that it only makes water below a certain ground level, which limits what you can do, but I guess that makes sense in terms of not flooding the entire town or something. Unfortunately it’s not at all clear what that level is, so you just have to keep putting it down until it generates water.

Oh, also I finally killed a metal slime! I got some material but I don’t know what to do with it yet.

I like playing this game in 20-60 minute bursts, very much like how I have enjoyed every other DQ game I’ve ever enjoyed.

Gonna try to play through the SFC version of DQII on my phone, I think.


I still have not been able to find any solid answers regarding maximum digging depth and building height. I’m just going to have to figure it out for myself. I did read that there are “just” four chapters, which basically act as an extended tutorial for everything and each new mechanic or feature introduced in the chapters doesn’t show up in the free mode until you’ve finished that chapter for it. So I probably will hold off on starting a game in free mode until I’ve gone through the rest of it.


You also unlock certain additional items in free play for meeting additional goals in each chapter, which will become known once you complete the chapter for the first time. You can then go back and complete those additional goals too.

So yeah, it seems like it’s worth it to wait to play Terra Incognita

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The free mode is kinda, like, whatever. I feel like you may as well play Minecraft? The whole joy of the game is how it blends goal-oriented DQ gameplay with Minecraftian creativity. In terms of absolute freedom MC has a massive upper hand.


Maybe but I can’t make a Dragon Quest world in Minecraft.


There are villagers in Terra Incognita, some of them are monsters!!! I just found this out yesterday. It’s the major thing that makes me want to play it.

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You can also recruit NPCs and monsters to go on adventures with you! I also read that there is a gladiator arena area. Plus! There are lots more materials and recipes than in the chapters, and more things to build and ways to customize your builds.

Also you can have up to 12 NPCs/Monsters in your town and when new ones spawn they’ll cycle out unless you’ve favorited the ones you want to stick around. When you finish a chapter it spawns a new island in Terra Incognita, so you can have up to four in addition to your starting island, and each island can be reset after you’ve completely mined it of resources and monsters so you can build forever. Also there are legendary items you can build, like an unbreakable hammer.

There’s even a way to share your world with other players and a way to spawn other people’s creations into yours. It seems like all of this stuff could have been better marketed, or maybe I just wasn’t paying much attention at the time. Or maybe Squeenix just does not like marketing Dragon Quest outside of Japan because they jealously want to keep it just for themselves.

Last night I got my red teleporter and I found a world map. It’s a really nice world map so that means this is for real a true Dragon Quest. I also like how the story/lore stuff all acts as a big prequel for the whole series. It’s done a lot better than I thought it would be.


So literally how DO you transfer around saved PS4 screenshots? I mean other than with a thumbdrive? Can’t you like send them to a dropbox or something?