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I didn’t do any ship battles until the endgame and then just equipped some vanilla superb armor and weapon on all of the off characters and did the same.

Overall, the ship battle system doesn’t work. I didn’t engage in any for most of the game because I didn’t have to, I couldn’t tell apart weak and strong opponents, I didn’t know what it would do to my faction reputation, and I didn’t know how many ship upgrades and crew levels were expected. And then I found out like you that the cannon minigame is meaningless and you should just board without choosing the immediate “board” option.

So it’s by far the most broken part of the game. Good music too


Standing athwart history yelling “shoot the hinges”

DQXI Spoilers

I had to tell a mermaid that the man she was waiting for for decades, had died.

I took her to see his grave, and she killed herself on the spot.

What the fuck.


you can lie and it turns out differently, i think it’s the only one of those choices that isn’t a ‘but thou must’




Huh! I did not know that there was a different outcome there. Regardless I have no regrets about my commitment to the truth.



lie to the mermaid


It’s unfortunate that she couldn’t see it but there was a perfectly eligible young hero right in front of her the whole time.

Anyway how am I supposed to know she was going to react like that? It’s pretty rough but that’s life for you (not really it’s a game I could do it over but I probably won’t).


Big Big spoilers, but might make you feel a bit better:

There’s a bit that happens much later that gives it a happier ending regardless of the choice anyway


It does make me happy, I am very horny for mermaids


Yeah that was a nice surprise of many across the world to stumble on, yet another place where DQXI was exquisite: jrpg postgame sweetness

The boss there was also surprisingly intense, at least for the lvls I was at


I don’t think I like Double Dash very much.

And Kolibri keeps crashing!! Ironically I think my real copy of Kolibri also did.


There are two types of people in the world:

  • those who like Double Dash
  • those who are wrong


I’m dead set and determined to finish Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, uh, within a reasonable time frame.

It’s only been, what, three or four months?

I gotta give the game this - for a huge open world game that largely lets you explore the map at your leisure, I’m impressed how often I’ve stumbled into awe-inspiring vistas.

Just a lotta really good hills to crest with whole villages waiting underneath in this thing.

Then the map lights up with icons and quest markers and I realize that the ride never ends.


Horizon: Zero Dawn also does this rather effectively. It helps that its palette isn’t all browns and greys like say Skyrim is.


I like every musou except the main ones


God help me I’m speedrunning Ronin. The movement just clicks and I can crush the posted fastest time for all bonus objectives if I keep practicing.


Eternal Castle is quite pleasing


I fell down this rabbit hole of Megalovania memes and now I’ve started playing Undertale again.

I’ve never finished this game but somehow I already got the platinum trophy?


Spent two surprisingly relaxing hours setting up gameboy emulation with a nice shader using Retroarch and Launchbox so I could try the fan translation of The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls, which is widely considered the precursor to Link’s Awakening.

I only just started it, but this game rules.

You play as a prince with unlimited access to funds, so you always have MAXIMUM COIN, and whenever anyone does you a kindness or you need to bribe someone, you just drop a giant sack of millions of coins in front of them and then it just replenishes right back up.