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kenshi is so fucking good. my roommate was trying to start an outpost, every day huge packs of starving bandits would show up to clobber the fuck out of his guys and steal his food. then one day this happens:

oh. okay. just 30 fucking ninjas hanging out in my living room, i guess. he ended up having to abandon the town so they’d just peace out somewhere else instead


It really is. And it’s better than anything I’ve ever seen at generating diary stories. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what amount of pre-built content and narrative I want in a game to feel meaningful on top of the game of it, because Kenshi is hitting exactly that line where it can imply rich stories without doing much of the prebuilt content work.

I think it helps a lot that the Conan-esque harshness of the world makes a lot of very brutal and simple stories that occur from systems feel correct, and properly told.


Oh so this is acctually good? I saw a YouTube video of Kenshi and after two minutes I thought what is this jank and turned it off. Just to come here and read all these things about it. Never stop surprising me sb


It’s often compared to Mount & Blade because it’s a similarly cheap, janky production that needs to be coaxed to open up its beautiful possibilities. And like M&B it can contain a multitude of games depending on how you play it.

Eventually it starts to look rather beautiful; I’ve been taking near as many screenshots as I did of Red Dead 2 as the game pairs the exoticism of Morrowind with incomparable scale. It sacrifices a lot to achieve that sense of scale and that feels like a secret telegram to my heart.


Yeah it’s got a Mount & Blade quality UI as well I see



some of these monsters are unreasonably cute and I don’t like killing them


God that’s good


Erik’s all about them orbs


I’ve been taking screenshots for 70 hours before I learned you can hit F7 to hide that monster

UI functionality is quite good for a small game, though, with a lot of convenience/power features to make it pretty comfortable when you’re deep in.


After hours of foraging and building I just finally constructed an enormous, luxurious submarine in Subnautica and it’s one of the most empowering feelings I’ve encountered in a video game. I got to name it, and I can walk around inside it, and there’s a bay I can put my crappy little previous vehicle in for fine maneuvering, and I can install upgrades and change the batteries and fire off little distraction torpedoes to lure away wildlife. It works like a portable base and I can actually build shit inside it and store items! Now I can go to previously unfeasible oceanic depths, in style!

Also, I started getting creepy psychic messages from barely sentient fish things.

This game is so good.


ok I beat Marinara and in the end I am somehow more disappointed because it only just started to get interesting right before the final mission; that mission was a load of tedious predictable crap.

The biggest write crime of this game is its constant attempts to seem interesting by “calling a rabbit a smeerp”. Almost literally at one point, where one character herds fantasy animals called “yol” and when you ask what they are he just describes sheep. A knife doesn’t become more interesting when you call it a transdimensional scalpel but it still behaves like a knife in combat.

It is a game that, while it cribbed frequently from Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun, ended up feeling like the opposite in many ways. Book of the New Sun is an interesting book because on its surface it is a generic sword and sorcery adventure with some unusual language, but scratch that surface and you find a weird cosmic sci fi epic full of mysteries and lacunae. Torment 2 is a weird cosmic sci fi epic on the surface but scratch that surface and you find an old CD-Rom copy of Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. It claims to be weird and inventive but its really staid and familiar fantasy. Every interesting description appears once and never comes up again. The more detailed something is, the more generic it is.


not even the text bosses did anything for you? like I said, I’m way less familiar with the genre material than you are, but I found the prose very captivating for the format it was in. I still can’t think of another videogame that reaches half as far in pure descriptive terms as some of those text adventure where-am-I-now scenes, but it’s also never occurred to me to read any gene wolfe. oh well!

agree about the part just before the final mission being more interesting than the final mission itself though


the merecasters were all too purple for me. There were some fun situations but I found myself rushing through them because the text never grabbed me.


ah, yeah, without that I can see it not coming together for you (though even as I type that I’m thinking of little details I adored like the robot in the first town who’s trying to die), so fair enough. to say they’re too purple really reinforces for me that this game was ambitious with its prose in a way that I really liked, but I’m very willing to accept that its reach wasn’t usefully far in practice compared to other media.

I also don’t normally think of myself as forgiving of purple prose, but I’m a very fast reader ordinarily and those made me happy to slow down.

this is also totally consistent with my initial figuring that this game had no audience, because it’s so close to being a VN except it relies on its audience being interested in a lot of extraneous genre trappings around a VN which already contains a lot of artifice. very few people liked it!


outside of the merecasters there were occasional Rothfussian adverb abuse and ‘describe a thing and then describe it again but with different words.’ moments that really bothered me. The worst was a passage that used ‘exquisitely’ 3 times in a single paragraph.


ironically, reusing otherwise uncommon words because they’re already in my head to the point where it stands out really badly is up there with “omitting prepositions” as my worst habits when I’m writing quickly and it’s the first thing I always have to edit for

in the parlance of our times,


Oh, its a bad habit of mine too. When I see it in a finished thing it makes me think “rough draft?”


Enter the Gungeon (PS4): wasn’t certain I could actually slay the Dragun, much less acquire all the components necessary to create the Bullet, but here we are.

Dragon Quest XI: having started over from the beginning, I’m currently back in the Manglegrove. surprised how much stuff I managed to miss the first time around.


So far,my favorite part of Smash is world of light. Also I don’t play online and haven’t really played with anyone but my wife.

Classic mode has co-op, which is awesome