Games You Played Today Classic Mini


I recently completed Atelier Meruru, which is pretty much about a princess going around murdering carrot-wielding bunnies to clear the land for her kingdom’s development plans.
There’s even a dungeon that is basically a giant walking tree God who you have to kill to gain 100 dev points, but I failed to do that so nature won that round, I guess


The thing with nausicaa is that if you read the manga it turns out the fungal jungle that is purifying the land is actually man made, because by that point Miyazaki felt that phenomenon being naturally occurring was a little too optimistic


It’s a board game tho, Spirit Island edit: like OneSecondBefore said


I started playing forza horizon 4 today

everyone looks and sounds like a douchebag. you have like 3 people talking to you all the time. you can change your clothing, by which I mean you can pick between 14 different skinny jeans. no matter what you do everyone says you are awesome. at least 4 different times someone told me HEY KEEP DRIVING LIKE THAT AND YOU CAN X WHERE X IS SOMETHING COOL YOU WANT TO DO. one time I finished dead last in a race and they all said this to me

everything gives you points. there are several different kinds of points. crashing into a wall gives you points. before and after every event there is a little pointless cutscene of your car spinning around in a white void with your douchebag avatar posing around it for no reason. you can buy fortnite dances.

it is so obnoxiously AAA video game it makes me want to vomit

you set your license plate at the beginning of the game, for reasons. I set mine to FUCKYOU. they told me I couldn’t do that. probably they reported me to the FBI

right before I set my license plate the game knew my name. like, my real name. like, it audibly says my real name whenever it refers to me. what the fuck kind of voodoo is this shit.

I’m using a wheel. I’m new to using a wheel. like a cool person, I turned off every assist and looked up wheel setting from a Pro Racing Dude to use. it’s not nearly as hard as, like, a real racing game. of course. but it’s also not structured like a real racing game; you’re constantly in new places doing new races, so you’re never familiar with your surroundings. that’s not exactly how you want things to go when you’re racing with zero assists in cockpit mode on a wheel. when you suck. but I don’t care, because it’s cool.

the game runs exceptionally well. it’s not as pretty as I had been led to believe, but it’s good enough.

this game is pretty fun


True, the presentation is pretty douchey. The game kicks ass though.


turn off all the regular driving points prompts, it’s essential


Did you know that the most blue skies game on the market is Everybody’s Golf on the PS4

You can just… leave the golf course? to go explore? for no actual rewards?

You know how you can switch between 2D and 3D in Dragon quest 11 3DS and explore with both?

This game also sort of does that (with a fixed 2D map instead of a full 2D world) It is super impressive tech, and I only noticed it existed by pressing the PS4 touch button by mistake during exploration. It’s not even available in the hub area or, you know, when playing golf.
Here is the view of the same place from the 3D and 2D map views :

Character customization is fantastic and you always unlock new clothes all the time. Hope you like fucking polo shirts though, this is golf

My wife got interested in the game when she saw that I created her perfect doppleganger and we started playing for 3 hours taking turns and commenting on our strategy, the clubs, the wind, etc.

The game won’t stop teasing me about eventually unlockable golf carts but I have to walk for now. Also, I think there’s going to be fishing too??

All in all, super wholesome


I always wondered why 3D golf games didn’t let you walk around, as it seems to be a big part of the appeal of golf in real life: the curated garden experience. Has this series always let you do that?

I imagine they got the map mode for almost free because they already supported those assets and view for the hole overview? Then they’d just need a basic movement set and to convince the producer to schedule the QA time


my experience with every golf game is that I get excited for it, play it and then remember it’s golf and I’m fucking horrible at it and I fall off



yes. wish I could find how many hours I put into it. gotta be over 100


There is this, but I’m also surprised more people haven’t done it:


i finished kane & lynch 2 again today. i originally played it on pc the first time around so imagine my surprise that the ps3 version is much lower res and shittier looking, which makes the bad camcorder footage aesthetic even more powerful. shit fucking rules! still the rawest game ever made


Been playing the original Tenchu, having only gotten into it with the PS2 entries, and it’s fun but these controls are kinda rough compared to the refinements of later. Turning while running is slow, and even in look mode you’re limited to no more than about 90 degrees to the left or right of where you were facing because look mode will not alter your actual facing when you leave it. This is especially irritating when sneaking because you can only sidestep rather than turn, so even if you look to the side you have to stand up to actually turn and I’ve been spotted on a couple of occasions because of this.

That said the somewhat sluggish and janky aspects of control does cause the player to take a very deliberate approach to things which is fitting for a stealth game. When even just popping out from behind a corner to slit a guard’s throat can be a bit iffy in execution you really take your time to line up things just right. Especially since combat is tricky, no precise lock on exists and your aim can easily drift off just a little bit the left or right and you get punished severely for the resulting miss. And while that may not have been intentional blocking not being a persistent action is, you have to do it in a brief window before an attack hits. While combat issues aren’t necessarily bad when you’re in the stages trying to be a sneaky ninja and not fight, but then you have boss fights where you have to and it can get messy.

One thing it definitely differs in from the later games is the mood of the levels, the game is almost certainly one that was born from the question “What kind of game can we do with the limited draw distance of the PSX?”, so you get a relatively short distance before everything is dark, so unlike later game here you can only see a little bit further than your enemies and even the environment itself is mostly hidden, which again adds to the need to take a slow approach to things.


yeah I’m holding the beat up ps3 copy I got for 5 bucks from ebay uk very dear to my heart


The first tenchu is made on its great soundtrack imo


I actually don’t think the map is used anywhere else in the game!

There’s no need for a hole overview because there’s a mini-map (that uses different assets) on the right side of the screen during golf


well dang


Siege is abnormally toxic this weekend


I wanted to play this but I kept hearing that you have to like “grind levels” repeating courses to get stronger clubs which idk, didn’t sound super appealing. Is that really true?


I miss Microsoft Golf