Games You Played Today: Actress Again: Current Code (Part 1)

Not a bad game at all but it stands in the shadow of others.

UI and weapons specifically make the game feel like Castlevania Order of Ecclesia but it’s worse in every way. And it was released in an era of Metroidvania abundance in which it fails to truly stand out.

The drab color palette and weird enemies make the game feel like a Genesis title which could be your thing


can someone further explain the difference between tactics and strategy in games because until i read this thread today i thought they were the same and used them interchangeably


tactics is like Fire Emblem, i.e. controlling individual units in a battle. Strategy is like, uh, games I don’t play, but it’s more about larger movements of more units as groups, and bigger scale.

So Tactics is the battle, Strategy is the war. That’s how I understand it


in games, strategy is about long term resource management and base building and stuff, tactics is the more immediate level of contingency, small scale decision making, moving behind the treeline to ambush the opponent type stuff.

Like in the X-Com games the base management and world map and deciding what missions to take is the strategy layer, whereas moving units around in a specific location and dealing with opposition as it arises is the tactics layer.


So Shining Force would be tactics, huh. Speaking of which, I don’t know if I’m missing something but the last few battles have been brutal uphill affairs and I’ve died like 4 times on each (the last one being the circus tent battle with the puppets). Is the game expecting me to use Egress and retreat when it seems unwinnable, essentially grinding experience with half-battles until I can easily win the whole thing?

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don’t forget to post about your mega drive gaming in the mega drive mega thread



i hate any units dying in shining force so as soon as one gets killed im like UGH THIS ISNT OPTIMAL and egress and start the fight over, which probably is like grinding

are you at the part of the game where you’re upgrading your jobs yet


I’ve not been able to promote anyone yet. I just got on the mayor’s ship and then immediately had to hop off because it was set ablaze which is hilarious. I kinda suspect that retreating is encouraged because the default ability your hero starts out with is Egress. Maybe that’s a hint that it’s OK to retreat with XP earned and try again. I also hate anyone dying! Which is why I was doubting myself.

oh hahaha i love that part! i love shining force! im gonna finish my game that i abandoned a couple months ago

i dunno if you ever watched the pokemon cartoon but the first town song in shining force is the same as one of the songs in pokemon and it drives me crazy so i hope it drives you crazy now too

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Ahhhh, you’re right! I knew it sounded familiar.

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It’s been years and years but I kinda remember the circus tent being a particularly hard part. I think the big challenge in these games is just trying to distribute exp equally so you aren’t letting one or two powerhouses chunk everything for less and less xp while everyone else falls way behind into uselessness. The biggest pita being trying to level healers.


I think Timespinner is great. The right length has a good feel. Just a nice little Search Action game where a lot of that genre bothers me.

imo it’s a fun, clever little search action game. probably most similar to Harmony of Dissonance in how you’re exploring two interlocked versions of the same space and occasionally have to alter one to open paths in another. it doesn’t overstay its welcome and while i didn’t love all the weapons, they’re all unique and helpful depending on the situation. definitely agree with the genesis vibe. it’s also extremely gay and while it is definitely pandering to me, i don’t feel like gay and/or trans women are terribly over-represented in games so i’m fine with being pandered to in this regard


You are a singular voice but like the one hangup I had about it was the gay/trans representation felt…performative. Not in a bad way but like this character has two character traits Gay and Cowardly in a way that Straightness wouldn’t be used.

I mean it is definitely better than the character trait of HETERO HORNY.

Anyways I enjoyed the whole game including the gay parts!

Don’t promote anyone at level 10, they become excessively weak. The later you leave it to promote, the better their stats post-promotion


Playing the first ten levels of Super Monkey Ball is the best video game, send tweet


It’s a wonderful game, all of the sound fx also make my ears bleed


Advanced mode is great too, I used to be able to do it without losing a life with a few stage warps

Expert is… wait until you’ve unlocked unlimited credits with a whole day free.

On topic I love Super Mario Sunshine as much as it absolutely hates me. Mario is so much better when it’s a bit player hostile. 64 and Sunshine all the way


Omg I got the bagatelle star!

BG3 impressions:

  • feels like they stapled a bunch of D&D canon into what was going be original sin 3
  • one of the first party members they give you is a near carbon copy of the female half elf cleric I made, awesome