GameMaker Studio 2

I recently imported a couple projects into GameMaker Studio 2. Although I was disappointed when the platform left the hands of Mark Overmars years ago, they’ve made a lot of improvements for this version. A few things I’ve noticed so far:

  • Finding resources is easy, with everything in that big tree with a search box at the top.
  • You can easily integrate with GitHub for source control and collaboration. I set this up the other night.
  • You can add descriptions to alarm events so they are easily identifiable.
  • When a child object inherits an event from a parent object, you can see the event in the child object’s list in a different color with the parent identified.
  • Saving and loading a project is much faster.

If anyone else is using this, maybe we can compare notes.

One thing that has given me a lot of trouble in the past is trying to scale to fit different resolutions while keeping pixels perfect at full screen. The theory is clear enough but I’ve always fought with the implementation. I tried something new last night based on a tutorial, and it at least looks right on my monitor at default resolution.


Oh, nice. I actually just barely bought GameMaker Studio 2 last week after using 1.4 for like 7 years. I just imported my current big project (a sequel to Explobers) and was surprised it all went in without a hiccup. Would love to have a thread for comparing notes.

I might have to give that tutorial video a go. I’m interested in what can be done with the “camera” in this.

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I was also relieved that the import didn’t break everything the way some have in the past.

One thing that’s nice about using the method described in that video is that you do not have to touch any of the view options in the room editor, ever. I always figured that should be possible.

Another useful thing he says is that you can totally ignore the port variables unless you are doing split-screen. With the display, the window, the application surface, the view, and the GUI layer, it’s nice not to have to worry about yet another thing. (And many of my failed attempts at fitting resolution involved ports in the past, which might be why they never worked quite right.)



Upon discovering how flawlessly the project import from 1.4 was, I’ve decided to just keep working with 1.4 until I feel like I’m ready to learn new tools. Big part of this is how fundamentally really complex “views”-type stuff has been to this current project and how that’s been completely retooled and I can’t wrap my mind around completely scrapping and relearning a skill I just picked up.

Like the import from GM8.1 to GMS1 was so fraught, I’d been fearing this, but this was so seamless it feels miraculous.