Game of Streams (or is it the other way around...)


Looks as though we don’t have a thread for announcing streams and such, so I figured I’d make one. Fate has smiled and granted me an internet connection from Current Year, so I’m more than capable of streaming again.

Here’s mine, since the embed doesn’t seem to work!

I’ve done two stress tests so far, and it seems to be perfect! You can check out said streams in the past broadcast page, though personally I’d only recommend the most recent one, unless tired mumbling over Thunder Force 3 sounds engaging.



i play mostly weird or interesting games from the late 90’s


I got a capture card that can do 240p and 480p so I’ve been streaming CAVE shmups from my arcade cabs:


if I can ever get myself to stream again, I’m thinking of making a separate channel for exclusive(ish) SB streams. No tagging the game, only linking it here, that kinda thing. keep the twitchies out.

Until then this is my default channel (last updated a year ago oh god).


Spent last night making a layout for an SB stream.

Scene 1 with a basic themed layout that can let me easily arrange game feed, chat, notes, whatever I’d like. I previously had a photo of Super Potato in the background, which was cute but really damn busy.

Scene 2 for pre-stream set up. Thought the DQB association was cute. Ha ha I’m literally putting the stream together piece by piece.

Watch as I go into social hibernation instead of actually use these.


Hey! Uh, I know I don’t really post here anymore, in case anybody is interested, me and a bunch of old ic/sb regulars have Twitch channels, although broadcasts tend to be pretty sporadic as we’re uh, old. - This is me! Mostly Football Manager and Dwarf Fortress, the latter played pretty poorly. - Isfet. He streamed a lot of FFXIV and then not a lot since then. Hopefully something soon. - Swimmy, almost all of this is RE4 speedrun training, which he warns is super-boring. - Brandon/Exodus, mostly old PCE games - Mr. Apol! He doesn’t have any archived videos unfortunately so I forget what he’s been playing. - Diplo, mostly Souls stuff, although I believe he’s done some Dragon’s Dogma as well.


Tulpa is streaming Quake fanwads right now and commenting on them so get in here if that’s yr thing.


Oh, I’ve got one too! Since today. I did a Tekken 7 stream earlier and I’ll do another one in like 30 minutes. I’m playing the story mode and if I finish it or get stuck I’ll play online

Followed all of you


Isfet has a really good voice for this type of stuff. I’m impressed.


have been streaming some Shadow Tower speedrunning (just planning and practicing the route currently, no timers yet)
will be streaming again shortly methinks


I am going to start playing D, every week, until I die. Hopefully I die on stream so my final words can be LOL I TOLD U I WAS HARDCORE

The first playthrough will be tonight at 8:30PM EST. Please stop in if you can!


Still streaming, Epidemic by Genki Games. I’m enjoying it a lot and I hope you do too!


streaming today! Elemental Gimmick Gear!


I am streaming THE TALOS PRINCIPLE. Right now!


Once again, it is I, the guy who only plays games when streaming. I’ll be up and running in a few minutes with more TALOS PRINCIPLE. I know you all too well, and I know you have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than watch me stare at lasers.


Wish I could have caught these streams! Are you going to save them for later viewing?


Yah they are on the youtube.

Boy I don’t know why anyone would watch an archived stream. But it’s there if you want it!



You know me by now. I’m weird like that. Good job on coming back to YouTube, very happy to see that



I’m lonesome. Please come watch me play ILLBLEED.