Game music on vinyl


It isn’t numbered either!


The Gunstar Data Discs release is wonderful. The loop groove at the end of each disc is the best, just HEY HEY HEY forever.


2 and 3 both also to come eventually, along with other Neogeo stuff.



Out Saturday. Space Harrier next year. Also mentioned in mailing list:

This autumn, Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima will be going on tour and performing STREETS OF RAGE & REVENGE OF SHINOBI together live for the very first time!

22nd October – The Regent, Los Angeles
17th November – Liquidroom, Tokyo
30th November – Fabric, London


That Koshrio + Kawashima tour sounds awesome


I think SoR2 just got a repressing. My friend’s store was finally able to get another copy ordered.




Tempting. I wish these didn’t have to ship from overseas it adds up.


Usually Mondo gets some in the US, though not the color swirl editions.


That’s a good tip.


Yeah, I got the Gunstar OST from them.


Mondo will be taking preorders for the Policenauts LPs on Wednesday, it looks like. All white or all black discs only, but still.

Also a second printing of the Katamari vinyl, going on sale that day as well.


Katamari vinyl?
Do not tempt me, you hear…


I… I bought the Katamari vinyl.



double dose of Dracula X dropped on today. Rondo seems to be sold out already though.


For anyone who didn’t get it from other sites, Mondo has the Snatcher LPs up today:


thanks andy real cool