Game music on vinyl


That Koshrio + Kawashima tour sounds awesome


I think SoR2 just got a repressing. My friend’s store was finally able to get another copy ordered.




Tempting. I wish these didn’t have to ship from overseas it adds up.


Usually Mondo gets some in the US, though not the color swirl editions.


That’s a good tip.


Yeah, I got the Gunstar OST from them.


Mondo will be taking preorders for the Policenauts LPs on Wednesday, it looks like. All white or all black discs only, but still.

Also a second printing of the Katamari vinyl, going on sale that day as well.


Katamari vinyl?
Do not tempt me, you hear…


I… I bought the Katamari vinyl.



double dose of Dracula X dropped on today. Rondo seems to be sold out already though.


For anyone who didn’t get it from other sites, Mondo has the Snatcher LPs up today:


thanks andy real cool


Also, I made a tape bootleg of this release.


flac rip plz :lovepig:


i just dubbed it from that youtube channel I posted, the true lazy option

also i recently liquidated some stereo stuff to fund an upgrade so I no longer have a good deck atm

but i do have a slightly modded sony tcm-5000 portable mono machine that I use as a tape delay that I am currently listening to this youtube dub on at minimum speed I am officially part of the problem


Gonna end my moratorium on buying frivolous shit for this.


I went to a music store, Waltz

in search of fun tapes but all the tapes were $25-30 regular assed American music and also some jazz stuff, half a dozen jdm reissues.

they had some nicely arranged but mostly boring and extremely overpriced boom boxes

But they did have a slightly overpriced copy of this Hosono release

I didn’t buy it but I did listen to it on their turntable so that was fun