Game music on vinyl



Tempting. I wish these didn’t have to ship from overseas it adds up.

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Usually Mondo gets some in the US, though not the color swirl editions.


That’s a good tip.


Yeah, I got the Gunstar OST from them.


Mondo will be taking preorders for the Policenauts LPs on Wednesday, it looks like. All white or all black discs only, but still.

Also a second printing of the Katamari vinyl, going on sale that day as well.


Katamari vinyl?
Do not tempt me, you hear…

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I… I bought the Katamari vinyl.


double dose of Dracula X dropped on today. Rondo seems to be sold out already though.


For anyone who didn’t get it from other sites, Mondo has the Snatcher LPs up today:


thanks andy real cool

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Also, I made a tape bootleg of this release.


flac rip plz :lovepig:


i just dubbed it from that youtube channel I posted, the true lazy option

also i recently liquidated some stereo stuff to fund an upgrade so I no longer have a good deck atm

but i do have a slightly modded sony tcm-5000 portable mono machine that I use as a tape delay that I am currently listening to this youtube dub on at minimum speed I am officially part of the problem

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Gonna end my moratorium on buying frivolous shit for this.


I went to a music store, Waltz

in search of fun tapes but all the tapes were $25-30 regular assed American music and also some jazz stuff, half a dozen jdm reissues.

they had some nicely arranged but mostly boring and extremely overpriced boom boxes

But they did have a slightly overpriced copy of this Hosono release

I didn’t buy it but I did listen to it on their turntable so that was fun


Oh man I got the SH2 vinyl and it is so good.


Why did no one tell me about this?

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I spent some time last week tuning up my Braun PS500 so it is in mostly serviceable order now. It had sat unused because the default suspension setup was sagging and caused the platter to rub on the plinth, a result of the oil-dampers for the spring units leaking over time. I finally grasped how to fully adjust the suspension height, after breaking loose some nuts that I only just now realized were locked in place by the factory. Raise them bad boys up high enough and the dampers don’t matter…or help. Which means it’s oversprung; if you bounce around on the floor nearby or other big swinging movements it can’t deal well, but small fast knocks on the chassis are fine.

But, the actual hot tip:

I also got one of these in the aftermath. It works good. I feel foolish for the years trying to perfect sweeping angles and motion with a carbon brush. It’s just some stikcy silicone, you rinse it with water afterwards and good as new. <$15. All the brands seem the same.

My dark record secret: I just wash dirty ones in the sink with my hands and dish soap. Get the labels wet and everything. I’ve thought about getting some label savers but haven’t.

this man is a genius i like his vibe