game gear micro speculation thread

post games you thing are gonna be on this thing! i guess we’ll probably find out in like 9 hours anyway

my list:

at least two of the main sonic games, most likely i think are sonic and sonic chaos
at least one each of the tails and sonic drift games
virtua fighter the animation
shining force
defenders of oasis
probably a couple of anime licenses, just because it seemed to be a big anime license console in japan. which ones would be enough of a draw in 2020 to be worth figuring out the legal details? sailor moon and yuu yuu hakusho?
one of the excellent snk fighting game ports would be a cool way of showing off the gg’s power, but they seem unlikely tbh
streets of rage 2
dragon’s trap, maybe?
ax battler?

it’s really a difficult one, as it’s really hard to tell what was popular on there, or what sega considers to be the important games on there


I really would have rathered a Master System / Mark III mini, but I guess that’s highly unlikely seeing how much that system flopped in Jpn and US

Anyway, besides Loki’s predictions I would expect this thing to have:

  • Shinobi GG
  • Sonic 2 (I think this is regarded as the best one?)
  • Dragon Crystal
  • Crystal Warriors
  • Shining Force: Final Conflict officially translated ???
  • TV Tuner ??? (probably not)

Also I predict a lot of eye strain if that thing is really that small

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if it doesn’t have the last bible on it then it can go fuck

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Surf Ninjas (USA)-image


games i owned for the game gear:

  • surf ninjas
  • true lies
  • sonic 2

i expect to see all of those on it


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wow, i’m realizing i’ve never played a game gear game or even ever considered playing one

are there, like, canonical game gear games



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I was gonna say, I remember when they had a Game Gear set up in the local K-Mart for people to try and the only game that was ever in it was Columns. In my mind, you can’t have a GGM without it.

…The Game Gear version of Dragon’s Trap is the best version of the game.

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hell yeah some wicked gamegear jamz

the game gear jurassic park game (which may just be the master system jurassic park game?) is really good too but it probably won’t be on there

last bible special has a wicked intro

last bible special should also be in this. no last bibles will be unfortunately.


lmao they are so damn small, thats a choking hazard

got that last bible tho


there, I just set off everyone who’s ever played Sonic 2 on a Game Gear


these things are real dumb but I’ll buy all four if it turns out the journalist’s big scoop was that magnifier glass


I know it’s a given by now but if this is another emulation box, hoping M2 is involved and they try to add more non-first-party stuff. Or that it’s hackable near launch as these seem to be.

wait, so games are exclusive to color?