Frozen Synapse murder friends 💘🔫

Does anyone feel like playing some games of Frozen Synapse? Maybe even playing a little tournament?

In the mood for this game again. Probably in the mood for most games with asynchronous turna.

I’m in the U.S. Eastern time zone, where are you at? Maybe not this week, but next I can probably set up a time to play. My internet connection is trash but I guess a game like this it won’t matter too much if there’s a little lag. I just installed this despite having owned it for ages.

Be gentle, it’s my first time~

I’d be up for it, I’ll try and be reliable.

If this is gonna be the Frozen Synapse thread, well:

Also a pretty novel way to promote an EP.

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I’d rather play cortex actually

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I’d totally be down. Been about five years since I last played, but I will be the grist for someone else’s flour.

You only need a Minute or two to set up a game and from there on out, you can take all the time you need to plan your moves. Once you feel like your plan is solid, you send your data and wait for your opponents moves (if he has not set them already ). Once the turn plays out, you plan your next move and so forth.
What plays out as a 60 second skirmish can take a whole week in planing and considering. Don’t forget to plan your opponents moves too!

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I’m in. I’ll double check that I have it installed but anyone can feel free to challenge me. I’m not great and it’s been years since I played.

If it can be played in an asynchronous manner like Synapse I’d be down to play this too, though I’d also be a rank n00b in that game as well.

What are peoples’ in-game names? I tried Tulpa and it worked.

I’m The_Blueberry_Hill

Amish_Chipmunk, checking in.

Yeah, I actually liked Cortex a lot more, so I would be down for this.

SB_Mikey, ikimaaaaasu~

I’m just Ymer. I don’t expect I’ll be on much the coming days due to Overwatch but you never know. I have it installed and recovered my forgotten password at least.

Sending out some challenges :bombdonpachi:

I haven’t tried any game type that isn’t ‘dark extermination’, so if anyone wants to try something else let me know / challenge me.

Replay of one of my games with Mattcd42.

We are both bad but this one was a massacre. I like how you can see the replay in real time.

I have too much on my plate right now so I can’t commit to any games, but if this thread is still around I may check it again in a few weeks

Well I’ll still be playing it then.

Hmmm. I should use the export to Youtube to generate GIFs of the games I play.

My very first turn of the game vs bloob results in one of my mans dying. Feels good.

I have a feeling I’m going to be very bad at this game for a very long time haha

It has a pretty steep learning curve, I think.

The single player mode seems pretty hard to get into, at least for me. I’ve tried like 3 times but can’t get the motivation to even finish the intro stages

yeah, I had the same experience with synapse.

That’s nothin’. First turn in current game with Tulpa three of his and two of mine died.