Frozen Synapse murder friends 💘🔫


Single player mode’s where I always got stuck too. Been much better this time where I did the tutorial and jumped into multiplayer.




Protip: Don’t be a Bloob and forget that you can lose if the other person get’s into your red starting zone :sad:


Does anybody know if you can play Defcon in the same fashion I’ve had that game sitting on my Steam account for years now


Sorry, no, Defcon won’t support asynchronous play.


Wheulp. Had a good time playing a few turns with SBuds. Tried to export a video after finishing a game with Tulpa. Didn’t work, quit, came back, now I can’t get game to start again.

Edit: Fixed it. If anyone else has a similar issue and is running Mac, check this link.

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yay i get to relive the joy!


yo how do I get my grenade guys to shoot over the short walls/windows/whatever. When I drag the aim cursor it always only shows up as a bounce shot


Just gotta be close enough.


PS: Don’t grenade me :3

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That was a fun game Mikey. Really like that map actually.


Are they randomly generated? I’ve had a few where I feel like one player’s dudes or the other wind up in the most horrendous, disadvantageous places.


Pretty sure they are.

I’ve also seen some unbalanced starts. And there’s this one person who keeps challenging me after they’ve obviously tweaked the map/setup to their advantage :confused:


Whoops. Just realised you can reposiition the other team by dragging them round the map, not just set paths and things for them. I was wondering why you couldn’t do that…


Wait you can move around the opposing team?


When youre planning you mean? Yeah, grab them by the arrows at their feet.


The ghosts. Not the actual team, just the shadow-versions from last know position so you can plan with that in mind.


Two more games:

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