surprised they left out his FRONT MISSION SONG


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Mario 3-on-3 ranks higher, obv :tarothink:


June 22nd.


u know, i havent loved what theyve shown of it, but id be willing to give it a chance yknow, it could be surprisingly—


Congrats to Sony on the impending release of the first ps5 game


Oh well I managed to mostly avoid FFXIV spoilers for a decade so this should be easy especially since nobody owns the damn console yet.

I’ll have plenty of time with whatever FFXIV’s next xpack is if trends continue to hold.

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I’ve yet to see an FF14 spoiler that didn’t need a video essay to explain


BIG TIME FFXIV SPOILERS emet is so hot aha


ff14 spoiler “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.”


im really counting on ffxvi running on a steamdeck when the pc version launches, like every other ps5 exclusive.

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I know it’s just a teaser trailer but my I’m detecting a few red flags already after seeing this and the recent gameplay footage. The world feels a little flat and empty to me, which is one the few weaknesses of FFXIV in my opinion. YoshiP may not know how to populate a world that feels palpable with life; the majority of his career has been designing games as a service and so the end result of the FFXVI footage so far feels perfunctory. I’m also thinking he might not have created a game with any semblance of resistance. For all its strengths, FFXIV is a game that basically plays itself. There’s input and timing involved but the battle system runs itself while it showers you in visual stimulation, and then you’re rewarded with a story beat. I can’t help but feel the same way when I look at the FFXVI battle system, it’s certainly visually striking but not sure if there’s any satisfying level of player engagement.

i assume you mean this in a way distinct from how XII and XIII play themselves, but i’m curious how so as someone who hasn’t played XIV

XII and XIII have different approaches but i appreciate that they both automate the rote inputs and let you control a big picture strategy layer instead

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Yea, you’re not controlling a big picture strategy with XIV. You play your specific role, manage your inputs and cooldowns, then rinse and repeat.

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I wouldn’t say it “plays itself” but it allows essentially no creativity in execution. Player skill in the main cooldown-combat game is defined by how tightly you can conform to a long sequence of best-practice button presses. This becomes more true the further you get in the game, and the playerbase seems to prefer it this way. Old dungeons are derided for not being predictable enough.

Instead, the game accomodates expression through pure aesthetic (as any veteran player will tell you, glams are the real endgame) and selecting which of the massive amount of content you engage in (including “all of it,” which is one kind of player, the achievement hunter).


. . .

maybe. . .i got my hopes up when i saw all the people working on this in the past but, it seems as if this is basically xiv with slightly different dressing. i am excited ab the fact that we get to have an ff protag who is like. . .30, eventually, but. . .who the fuck is even going to be able to play this at launch?!

i hate to be so doom and gloom ab a game that’s not out yet but i have to agree with @jodeaux and say that the world looks big, empty, and pretty lifeless, contrary to all this talk ab the environment. i’d love to be able to actually be excited ab this, but i’m seriously just considering getting octopath ii + final fantasy tactics remaster and just being happy with that.

seriously tho, if tactics doesn’t come out soon ( and here’s hoping it doesn’t come with 24434034985 caveats ) then i’m ab to become really, really, annoying to whatever intern has to check se’s customer e-mails.

anyway, back to xvi:

  • the summons are ugly. even the ones that are callbacks to the ones we already know don’t look that great. the exception to this is probably shiva. this is probably the most aesthetically displeasing ff so far, imo. people complained ab xiii, but this one to me. . .idk man, i’m not feelin’ it. it just looks depressing and. . .styleless / full of stock assets. se has all this money and what exactly did they spend it on? why does the game also look like it came out 8+ years ago?

  • the world doesn’t look that ’ high fantasy '. i remember while playing xiv that sharylan / idyllshire ( just as one example ) in particular, looked esp dreamy and like a place i wanted to explore. the view from the field while walking up into town gave a sense of depth. i could also i could say the same for all of the starting areas. i don’t get that vibe from any of the places shown in this teaser. . .even the crystals, which are a pretty big part of the lore, look unimpressive.

  • why does clive look like such an edgelord version of what a grizzled adult should look like? i’m starting to really worry ab this whole ’ mature ’ story thing based on how things look right now. what are they measuring this against?

  • none of the songs in the teaser sound esp gripping or good for an ff to me. hardly any of them stand out at all. maybe the eikon battle music a bit, maybe, but it also just sounds. . .really generic and boring.

tl;dr | maybe i’m mistaken ab just WHO exactly is working on this and in what capacity, but. . .is this game really coming out in 3 months?! based on all that i’ve seen so far, i’d much rather they do something actually standout then just rely on yoshida’s name to print money.

here’s a follow up video to go with that teaser. all the clapping and hooting. . .i guess yoshi-p really has reached a certain status now, but i’m def not going to be the one to be uncritical.

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so an inverse direction of the XII/XIII approach, huh. it’s deterministic or has few enough degrees of freedom in encounter design that you could theoretically macro through it?

re: XVI, that’s a curious predecessor for a real-time action battle system

ffxiv is about not getting hit more than its about hitting things. the variety in play comes from you dancing around to avoid being killed but even the fight mechs are deterministic. the buttons you hit are always the same.

my biggest complaint about ffxiv is how all the different jobs are becoming more and more alike in the name of consistency. it’s getting too smoothed out sometimes


A pure macro couldn’t do it, as there are slight variations in the encounter design you have to recognize and execute on (if I get the red debuff I do x, if I get the blue debuff I do y), and at its “best”/most confusing the game will stack 2 or 3 of these on top of each other at the same time, but yeah, you could in theory write a simple program to play the game for you. Just a few properly nested if-thens would get you there.

The real variation in the game comes from accomodating other players’ mistakes. How many mistakes can be made before the encounter becomes unsalvageable and a restart is necessary is a dial fully under the control of the devs. The harder the content, the higher the dial.

Not so odd as an inspiration for an action combat system though. Cooldown combat is an action system, it’s a big mistake of non-mmo gamers to presume that it isn’t. Going from WoW to Diablo to Resident Evil to DMC is one big smeary spectrum, not a series of linked binaries.


i meant re: the encounter/enemy design, like, you can look for tells and appropriately position yourself in a from or platinum game and every action ever is on a “cooldown” but translating what you’ve described to a single-player game takes out the degrees of freedom introduced by cooperation. curious how they’ll fill that space