Final Fantasy XIV (Part 1)

I got a one-month a code for this game. I hate MMOs but it’s free so what the fuck. Does anyone play this? Tips? Advice?

Pretty much 0% odds of me ever buying a subscription for this, so I guess I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.

it’s pretty neat and they do a decent job of easing players into it these days. just follow the main quest line (the symbol for these is special, it looks like a meteor) until you can’t because of your level, then do side quests until you can and keep on it

I think you get chocobos at 30, and also that’s when you can get a job in your class which requires lv 15 in another specific class (maybe two?) so feel free to experiment with other classes when you feel like it since you need to level a few a bit anyway. you can change them practically any time it’s pretty nice

I am still playing this game so feel free to ask anything!

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maybe most importantly, at 15 you can get the quest to unlock the stylist to change your hairstyle and a few cosmetic features so definitely do that asap, there are some hairstyles that aren’t available at character creation there


I’m playing this a lot right now. it’s pretty fun? easy to get sidetracked though

I’m going to try to get my girlfriend into this

she hasn’t really played any traditional mmos ever but she’s into final fantasy so we’ll see what happens here!

Game has really good aesthetics and I suggest basking in them as much as possible while not worrying so much about progression. (because anyone who tells you the game gets better at 50 is lying through their teeth)

Duty Finder is like 5x faster if you play a tank or healer, so if you just want to go sight-seeing and not have to wait around to advance story bits and if you don’t mind tanking, just MRD it up and mash Overpower on all the groups all the time.

The #1 usage of money is to teleport, don’t feel bad about burning it. You’ll get tons of gear through main story quests.

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what server are you jerx on? I’m on Lamia but Tonberry ( JP ) is apparently the de facto AU server and I think about it a lot

i’m on tonberry and yeah, it is the unofficial english server for people who are closer to the JP datacenter than anywhere else. lots of people from AU and SEA, but still plenty of japanese players as well. maybe it’s 50/50 english and japanese? it’s a cool place though, and also there appears to be little to no RMT and related spam because of how crowded it is, it’s very difficult to make new characters on it. though transferring isn’t restricted

o dang hmmm. @midori isn’t playing right. ow but they moved to Atomos. decisions decisions

though tbh I’m real happy about the FC I recently joined so this is fine rly

that’s what matters really! I didn’t switch because of latency, I moved because my old server was a ghost town during the times I’d be playing. playing with people you like is what’s important

i feel like i wasted time transferring now that i’m also in an fc i don’t hate.
i don’t have any real plans of being more active on atomos at this time.
i just wanted a hideaway ( and a house )

part of me hates that we each found separate decent fc’s haha

and Marie’s with you and Brian’s with me so it’s not like one is obviously a better choice

though the resident omni-crafter with us actually gets round to crafting me stuff so I feel p loyal

really? : o

i thought it was becoming more obvious that we all want different things in-game. at least when it comes to free companies. it’s all good, we can still do runs together. i’m gonna re-sub soon and play the familiar catch up grind. idk when i’m going to transfer my old character back or if i am at all.

the idea of it is overwhelming because everything i did on that roll was so disorganized.
either way, i’ll do my best so that we can raid together. it’s so fun ; such comedy.
oh, yeah, if latency is an issue for you and you wanna transfer, that’s cool : o

i didn’t think ab that at all and i haven’t even done any serious runs on atomos. since this game is kind of notorious for disconnects and lag, the deeper you are into endgame, the more frustrating this could become.

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oi I made a Tonberry char after the last maintenance! Luzeze Luze. are you still around there

does anyone wanna buy me a few months so I can come back :frowning:

oh yeah i’m still around! my char is Fonne Walkure, see you there!

Ultros! Where it all started.

I don’t know if I could ever come back to this game and run gear treadmills, but I miss hanging out in the world sometimes and had some good times with it. Kind of curious what the general state of the game is now.

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moderately interested in the deep dungeon thing they have coming out because i like procedural death labyrinths and it’s detached from the usual progression

they’ll prolly screw it up though

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this is really cute and maybe belongs in a dq builders thread, too, but obvs it’ll be appreciated here

anyway, i play on lamia w/ @eska and @midori

have been on a little hiatus for a week or two because sometimes you gotta, but

if anybody wants to check it out, consider using one of my codes! lol

here’s a couple: HRGSYAET and 6JB9BW34

you just go to mog station after registering, click “your account” and then “enter recruitment code”

i can get more of these every few hours if anybody actually wants! you get some pretty neat goodies

check out my character :B

also steam isn’t allowing me to filter for one game, but there are tons of ffxiv screens here


I should definitely get heavensward here soon and re up my sub, I miss FFXIV days a lot and never really got to play with very many people

I wonder if any SB’s would be interested in getting on a Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst server with me