Final Fantasy 7: The Original, The Remake, The Legacy

“The biggest reason why we haven’t done a remake until now is because it’s a massive undertaking to reconstruct Final Fantasy 7 from the ground up with the current technology. Producing a proper HD remake of Final Fantasy 7 that maintains the same feeling of density of the original would result in a volume of content that couldn’t possibly fit into one installment.”

this thread is for all things FF7: past, present, future. love the game? hate it? have opinions on its experiences and legacy? post here!

I’m personally going through the original (PS4 HD port) right now for the first time and I’m having quite the trip. it’s such a product of it’s time: a flashy JRPG inside a late 90’s anime, with numbers and HP stats bleeding out from every exploding, pixelated pre-rendered nook and cranny.

The graphics are charming, the music is sincerely wonderful and the story is a convoluted mess that fits pretty hilariously in the modern day “Young Adult” fiction of your Hunger Games and Maze Runners and things. it’s quite a thing.

in the PS4 port, you can just click R3 and your HP and Limit Break meters will always be full, making you basically indestructible. clicking L3 and R3 automatically turn off Random battles. clicking just L3 speeds the game up by 3x.

these changes are doing wonders for my actual sincere enjoyment of this game, now that i can just focus on the cute lo-poly characters and their hilariously bad english translations.

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I’d play more jrpgs if I could just play them as adventure games or walking around simulators like that

You can make this dream a reality.

i’m playing through it right now, it’s been over a decade since i last beat it.

on disc 2, losing steam a little bit, but i have definitely noticed how much i enjoy the world this game takes place in. it’s interesting, especially areas involving the ancients. the soundtrack is also killer!

Those are really neat features, I didn’t know they added that.

The temptation to cheat might be too much but, hey, I’ve already beat this game three times so it wouldn’t matter that much

Do the cheat features cut down the running time a bit? I wouldn’t mind revisiting it with someone who has only osmosed the key aesthetic hits but I think it took me nearly 80 hours last time.

I actually much prefer the post-Midgar section as subsequent towns have fewer screens to navigate (and the world map music is my favorite part). Midgar feels like a slog with the locomotion limited by digital input on a fake 3D plane. FF9 feels much better just by merit of analog movement.

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petition to word filter final fantasy to FUCKING FINALLY and any time anyone invokes the name ‘final fantasy’ they get taken to a quarantined subforum for babies

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personally i was kinda hoping we were beyond the whole “this thing you like sucks so please go jump in a dumpster” type gamefaqs discourse

FF7 is such an amazing mishmash of weird bits I can’t help but appreciate a lot of the crazy stuff the devs did. As a game it doesn’t really work but it’s definitely got charm going on all throughout.

Remake is doomed for me because the part I loved the most, the creative energy of the various disparate development teams, has to be quashed by necessity. Also I don’t really care for the action rpg direction and don’t care about FFXV for the same reason!

Not sure if anyone really gets beyond that or if they just get better at hiding it.

This year I learned the scene where Cloud wears a dress was a powerful powerful moment for an entire generation.

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FF7 for me is somehow always linked to that “loveless” poster/advert/whatever-it-is that is shown in the intro FMV. idk why, but that just stuck with me since i’ve seen that many, many moons ago.

and wacky Gold Saucer.

me too.

they should just turn Part One of this Epic Series into walking around midgar while listening to my bloody valentine


the remake is going to swap them for gackt posters


me three

Gackt is already associated to Loveless through Crisis Core


Played the original to completion back in '97-'98. It was my first JRPG and I really enjoyed it because I had never played anything like it before. Also I was like 13 so I was just the right age for it too. Good memories. Never did get that Knights of the Round materia because I could never quite figure out how to breed a gold chocobo. And this was using the guide I borrowed from a friend. Maybe I was just dumb, I don’t know.

This past year I popped the disc into the PS3 and started a new game just to play through the Midgar part again and hear that music. I think I only played as far as the second reactor this time, or maybe just right before. So technically I started a game and played it for 20 minutes and then quit. Kind of want to go back and try playing through the whole thing again now that everyone’s talking about the remake but I don’t know if I have it in me.

hi @daphaknee!!

ok so I’m at the Chocobo farm and am having a really hard time catching one even though I have the lure materia and the greens, but they are still big stupid chickens and run away, come on you assholes.

I’m starting to lose steam. how is this game still technically on disc one? woo boy.

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