Fi-i-re E-mbu-lem

I actually listened to the title song in Fire Emblem Heroes today and the first line is just ‘Fire emblem’?

I’d been playing it in bits since it came out, but never enough to even expend my stamina metre. The last couple of days I’ve used it up multiple times thought!, and have been enjoying merging allies and unlocking potential and doing the little challenges. I wish I’d made the effort to get more of those special mission characters.

I’m glad I can play a Fire Emblem that doesn’t have all the complex relationship stuff.

Also glad the PVP is only PVP-ish.

Also I have some questions:

What is the point of acceptiong / sending friend requests in the arena? I don’t think that’s related to why my team doesn’t do much defending?

When did FE get all saucey~

What are your favourite characters??

  • I use Arthur a lot, though his illustration is real out-of-place. I’d assumed he was from another game, m/b like Codename STEAM.
  • Azura’s ability to give people another turn is real handy, but she’s hard to level if you use it a lot, so she’s never made my A team. Haven’t seen anyone else with this skill yet.
  • I like Oboro for some reason.
  • All the monster transforming people are tough. Tiki’s the one I use most. Bought the lighting breath power for her today :]
  • Odin is captain of the saucy team at the mo’.
  • Virion is still my fave archer, though I haven’t got any of the others as experienced.
  • I like Hana but she’s only one star and always dies.
  • The grumpy Ninja guy Saizo is growing on me.
  • I have way too many characters with short green hair.

iirc the theme song is a kind of play on or reference to a commercial for the very first game, which is neat!

but also i find the lyrics themselves still kind of grating to me ^^;;

i’ve been playing it a ton, and i have mixed feelings about it!!! it’s very much a game you shouldn’t super dedicate yourself to, it’s obv shallow in many respects to the main games. but, i find i really enjoy it because it’s not as deep??? it’s very accessible, and easier for me to keep track of everything that’s happening during every battle then any of the other games. but, the f2p and gatcha stuff can still get in the way of my enjoyment (esp since higher level fights can take up enough stamina that i can play only 2-3 battles sometimes before i have to wait for it to recharge), but nintendo seems pretty generous when it comes to giving out orbs and crystals and stuff for me to collect, so i have a fairly good size and decent roster. overall i’m pretty into it!

anyways, answers:

so far accepting and sending friend requests don’t do much of anything. you get more feathers the more friends you have, up to, like, 15 feathers a day, which is not much. i think they mentioned something about implementing more stuff to do with friends next month, which is what the ??? on the battle map is for.

fire emblem ramped up it’s sauciness after awakening, iirc, but it’s always been pretty anime! tbh i’m into it. i really like how each character has a different artist as well! some characters i don’t know but use anyways because of their art, haha.

my main team consists of lucina, effie, camilla, and olivia atm. i have a few 5 star red swords and lucina is my favorite out of all of them. her sword is strong against any dragons, even blue ones! so anytime i see one in battle it pretty much guarantees a free kill for her. >:)

my camilla is also 5 stars (and the only 5 star i have that isn’t red unfortunately), and she’s really good!!! she’s like a glass cannon, her brave axe+ gives her minus speed but gives her two attacks every time she initiates a fight, which means she’s always going to do alot of damage if she attacks first but her opponent have a huge chance to do the same if they attack first instead.

i like effie because she’s my best blue spear but also i like her character in general even though i’ve still never played fates. her artwork is super pretty but all of her lines are about working out or sayings like “ALWAYS TRAINING, ALWAYS KILLING”. she’s great. and olivia is a dancer like azura! and the only other one with that ability as well iirc. like her since i use her to give someone else a turn she’s way lower level then anyone else. but that’s actually fine, i just either make sure she doesn’t get killed too early or use her as bait at certain moments since i never have to worry about losing experience points with her.

as far as other characters go i really like felicia in general. she’s me imo!!! her voice actress is great. i’m bad at using ninjas but i plan to fully level her up anyways. clarine looks straight outta love live and is my main healer (for when i need a healer, anyways). i’ve been leveling up nino as a substitute for camilla because she’s cute and she has a skill where she drags an teammate a space towards her, which means i can use her to attack, use olivia to give her another turn, and then move her out of range of her opponent and drag olivia out of range as well! there are a few others i have that i like (like odin! and laslow!) but just don’t feel like leveling atm.

anyways yeah! btw there are quite a few characters that are, like, on rotation to appear once a day. those are the ones that you can get one star and two star variations of! so if you miss donnel or olivia or wrys or such, they’ll pop back up eventually, i think. the very special ones like narcian beforehand and female robin right now though are only up for a few days before they’re gone. they’re tough, but worth grabbing imo.


It’s just an Orb collecting simulator and then Not-Getting-Your-Waifu punishment game.

Yeah, same RE liking it because it’s not deep.

I can’t remember any of the characters from the games I’ve played (only the GBA and SFC ones for any length of time), so my choice in split between their appearance and their usefulness. Well I remember ‘big guy with tall shield’ and ‘person with long maybe gree hair’, but that’s about it.

She’s been the scariest character I’ve fought in the Arena. I always have to be careful round her D:

Oh, Olivia’s up in today’s special stage, so I’ve got her too. About time I messed with my team composition more. So I’m gunna stick them both in together, maybe with Sharena for her ATK boost.

I think I’ll be fine getting the lowest ranked female Robin, but that’s about my level limit at the moment.

Been playing this quite a bit, getting my daily login bonuses. I’ve got a 5 star Takumi as my main murderer, as well as a 5 star Camilla who does real good if she can get a first strike in (automatically does 2 attacks before the counterattack). I’m leveling up a 5 star Ephraim who is a really generic spear user, but has pretty high attack… I’m not sure how useful that is since Camilla is already sort of like this, except she flies and has an axe.

If there’s any character I want to move from a 4 star to a 5 star it’s Gwendolyn. She’s a knight with a lance, and she has incredible defense against any physical attacks. She’s getting outclassed by the 5 stars right now but eventually I think I will level her up. I need something other than a glass cannon in the Blue spot. But I also need 20,000 feathers and a great badge that I have no idea how to get, sooooo…

I have 59 orbs right now. I’m kind of waiting to spend them until there’s a featured 5 star Red spellcaster. That way the chances are high enough to be reasonable. Maybe this is a bad strategy but I really want a magic user - knights can be kind of a challenge in PVP and I need someone to cut through that, and Red is my only slot where I’m not sure what character I want to use.

My ID is 5257746771 if y’all wanna preemptively add me before friends features become available.

my main crew is takumi, roy, raven and eirika, or sometimes sully instead of eirika, or sometimes serra if i need to heal

i don’t really think they are that special, they’re just the 5 star ones that i have

i like how they have different artists for many of the characters, and that there is very little plot. it’s the perfect amount of anime for me.

imo the dragon people are weak and i can’t ever use them properly

i want to be better at using the characters that have weird movement related abilities, because otherwise the actual ‘tactics’ aspect of the game gets a little dull. i should just make a team of eirika, sully, cecilia and uhhh someone that has swap to try to mix things up a bit

oh also the way this game distributes feathers is absurd, but it is very easy for me to not care enough about it to ever spend actual dollars on

i’ve been playing a different FE recently

the only stat booster i used here was a body ring


My main team is Lyn, Camilla, Nowi, and Tharja, but as actual characters I only like Lyn out of them. Not that it’s any surprise, Awakening and Fates both had a full cast of trope characters with no depth. Visually a lot of them have good designs, but as people they just aren’t.

Playing this just makes me want to play Sacred Stones for the millionth time 'cause goddamn that game is great.

My most successfull team is Lyn(), Lucina(), Camilla(****) and Linde(*****). I’ve got them averaging around level 26. Lucina is pretty sturdy and will eat dragons for breakfast when they come up and Linde being a blue spell caster takes care of sword people and heavy armor units. Lyn’s kinda average but is good damage. Camilla feels like the weak link I keep around for lancer/blue spellcasters. I feel like I’d like her more if she could move one more space for being a mounted unit to make use of her as an attack initiator.

how does the combining characters thing work anyway? it seems pretty useless right now. if you add a higher starred version to a low one, you get a stat boost, and otherwise you get a pittance of skill points?

but sometimes i just can’t combine two together and i can’t figure out why?

I played through two of the three Fates storylines completely ignoring it except for the one girl I liked (Orochi) and got through it fine so it’s not like it’s a required mechanic?

Heroes made me want to play a full Fire Emblem game again, so I guess it succeeded in Nintendo’s originally stated mission of getting people interested in checking out games on their platforms again because I preordered Fire Emblem Echoes. But I’ve mostly exhausted the content in Heroes and don’t think I’ll be playing it much anymore until the Echoes launch tie-in event comes up. (shadowverse has filled this void now, and I can’t escape its grasp)

tbh i like blazing sword a lot more than sacred stones. lyn & hector forever though not necessarily with each other

the gba games are basically the perfect FE experience with the exception that the system to raise supports is pretty bad and they require too many clears to unlock The Real Mode

haven’t played FE Heroes yet because i’m too afraid i won’t get Sully :frowning:

amazing that this thread has gone on so long and i haven’t posted in it


Only way I’ve seen to get them so far has been doing the Family Bonds quests. But I don’t have any of the characters you need : (

you can get great badges randomly from the training tower. i believe it’s from all the lunatic difficulty ones. you don’t get much, but you’ll have more than enough by the time you have 20,000 feathers (which is, uh, a lot!!!)

@u_u its most effective when you add two of the same stars, i think? you get a stat boost then. i’m not entirely sure but i think it’s mostly for adding more stats when you reach max level. you can have characters that are 40+2 or whatnot. of course you lose all the stat bonuses if you decide to rank up that character to the next star rating, but it does reduce the amount of feathers needed, which is nice.

as for being unable to combine two together, i’m not sure! are they both favorited? it won’t let you merge a favorited character into another character, just to make sure you don’t accidentally lose them, and the game’s default settings is set to auto favorite 4 and 5 stars. you can unfavorite them by looking at their full profile and tapping on the heart icon.

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@wonder_momo ooh I think that’s it! I didn’t even know that the hearts were favs, I thought it meant that those characters loved me more :frowning:

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Playing it a little bit each day because if I have to fall in a gacha pit may as well be the one my friends are playing too. I’ve only played a few hours of Blazing Blade, which put me in the “fake fan” camp. Current team is Lyn (5), Serra (4), Florina (4) and Tharja (5). I do have two Lyns (to the chagrin of my friends) but don’t feel like fusing them because why if this is the best pull I’ll ever get.

Team is fine as long as there is not a blue wizard. Used to have problems with Takumi, but Tharja can deal with it no problem. Tharja’s damage is quite ridiculous and basically terrorism.

Only thing I don’t like is spending time in leveling up people, doubly so if they go back to level 1 when you rank them up. I would like a dancer and leveling up Camilla. But Camilla looks like a glass cannon type of character?

PD: Oh, and by the way. I was checking the wiki to get a little bit of context about the characters and:

Lyndis (Japanese: リンディス, Lindis), more commonly known as Lyn (Japanese: リン, Lin), is one of the Lorca tribe of Sacae

Seeing the name of my hometown in there is really odd. Like how. Why. Cool, though.
(this is the real Lorca)

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That’s a relief to hear. I think my anxiety about any seeming complexity has gone now I’ve played a bunch of Heroes actually.

Same. I’m gunna finally have a go at the GC or Wii ones I have.

Finally have a team of ***** (Azura, Tiki, Minerva, Maria) so I don’t have to feel wastefuk about leveling people too far past 20. Not a great team though.

Temporary stat boost even, if goes away if you ‘enhance potential’ : (