emotional breakdowns in vocal form


if the singer doesn’t trail off-key, have their voice break, or sound like they’re about to give up and just start crying mid-line, it doesn’t belong here

everything by Usagi belongs in this thread. i might’ve fucked up the track titles here since i’m uploading these myself. i wasn’t sure how i felt about their album the first time i listened to it but now it’s easily one of my favorites. i’ll throw the whole thing in the Axe at a higher bitrate if folks want

midori has the same singer and is also very good, though i’ve only just started listening to them:

lots of ling tosite sigure makes the cut (particularly the bassist 345’s backing vocals) and the band is amazing in general

Onlooking in particular has one of the strongest emotional arcs i’ve heard in a song:

ok that’s most of what i’ve got. i wanted to put an english-language song in this post but i literally couldn’t think of any that counted, i’m a weeb and y’all can throw me straight in the trash. anyway post more things

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This is maybe every song on every album that Hop Along has released

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(the back end of this is reportedly a recording of dan barrett (the artist) w a voor’s device asphyxiating him)

(maybe doesn’t count exactly but it’s great, so whatever, and fred moten has a gr8 bit on it in in the break)


Was going to initially post some Midori but you seem to have Mariko Goto covered.

Instead here is some Sopor Aeternus, not necessarily screaming or anything but she definitely sounds like she is about to start crying at any moment:

and Kera:


It’s obviously an act (given that it is the background for a concept album and all that), but I always love the way Bowie’s singing in “Five Years” keeps getting more manic and off as the song goes on.


The way Prince keeps ramping up the chorus in “Kiss”

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unrelated but I’m trying to figure out how those last two usagi tracks both have six listens when discourse thinks no one opened them

#wow #thanksjeff


How literal we talkin’ here, because


this vocal performance + the lyrics in the hook get me p good

maybe not in the spirit of OP, idk. it hits me tho

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maybe don’t listen to this if you don’t want to cry today

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uploading another one here

this has climbed into my top 5 albums probably

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kendrick lamar’s “u” does this so well

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