emotional breakdowns in vocal form


cant believe there is no young thug in this thread

I have long debated with myself if the bit in the middle here is him crying or cumming or what, but i reckon it counts.

the hook on this

umm literally this entire song


thugger legendary

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god yes absolutely

also for a total 180: idk how i forgot about laurel halo’s ‘quarantine’

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the latter half of this one is also kind of a breakdown

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final third

first time i listened to this i was pretty struck by how weak ride sounds in chorus 2

dunno if strictly counts but ON GP


favorite song off my favorite screamo record ever
skip to 1:10 if you don’t wanna deal with the intensity at the beginning

also v stoked to see kinoko teikoku and shinsei kamattechan in this thread, the latter especially fits super super well


all the “Lord” and “lord forgive me” ad libs in this feel pretty heartfelt but the bit at around 2:20 made me think of this thread