i just watched episode 9 and uh i haven’t seen Solaris yet but was that Solaris


i froget



the wildest part of the new episode was brexit leading to the dissolution of UNIT also thank god they didn’t kill him i was about to be so pissed


Yeah, that was… an interesting decision. UNIT being headquartered in Geneva and all.

That episode mostly bored me. I feel like this is the Hillary Clinton era of the show, when I was hoping for AOC.

The Kaleidoscope thing – there’s been a lot of noise about the recovery, and I’ve not dug in deep on this (been distracted with… other things), but it’s to my understanding that the quality of the recordings, compared to what’s already in hand, isn’t quite as significant as it’s been stated. There’s been some chat about this on Roobarb’s, but that place annoys me with its rum-tum middle aged bloke chumminess, so it takes some effort for me to sift through.

The thing Ayers says about the episode starts and ends it the main takeaway. Lots of the previous episode audios have chopped away the original titles or end, and often the reprises or cliffhangers. In most cases these can be reconstructed. In some early episodes, though, the reprises were performed a second time. So those are now as original. The overall actual sound quality is pretty much of the same level as it was; at times a little better, at times a little worse.

Having the technically-complete episodes, without needing to rebuild them, is good, though.


I thoroughly enjoyed “Resolution”, although I did get more than a bit uncomfortable during the part where Lin gets “commandeered” by the dalek, which I found pretty rapey tbh. But I was pleasantly surprised when none of the principal cast got killed, most especially Aaron, who I marked as toast as soon as he was introduced.

“And YES, that’s skillz with a Z!”