Well I’ve been burning through the Dr.s Whoz 9 and 10. I really got more out of it watching again. Knowing a bit more of the lore and seeing what ends up being a lot of foreshadowing things seemed more crafted. I guess do I move onto 11 or Torchwood next? Oy.

You guys into the Whovian stuff? I like it and wish I could find a reliable way to watch the more classic stuff, I’m pretty curious now.

don’t watch torchwood

Oh it’d be watching it again, I love that show.

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Our long international shitty new Cyberman nightmare looks like it’s ending in the best possible way. I’ve always loved the original bandages and head lamps design.

If the Raston robot shows up too, I’m checking my microwave for bugs.


Oh dang. Do they have the original voices?? That’s the key factor for me.

The Tenth Planet is so cool.

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OK here’s my question.

With Unit around, how is there a Torchwood?

It makes NO SENSE.



I just saw the Colin Baker story Attack of the Cybermen for the first time and have to say that its’ reputation as sadistic and violent is…pretty well deserved, actually. Eighties were weird y’all.

It’s too bad CB didn’t get his request for a black, Master-y getup because that would have worked well.


how did you manage to watch that?
I’d dig to watch some classic 'Who but I couldn’t really find it anywhere.

I haven’t rewatched that once since I was a kid but the dude with the cyberman arm made a big creepy impression on me. Doctor Who is scary!

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Found it on a disc full of stuff I’d dl’d a decade back or so and never watched. It was a tiny low res file but that works given the show. Shiny high res just wouldn’t be the same.

I do wish there was a streaming service with a good selection of old who though.


Oh shit, was this that Fright Night remake? How was that? I completely forgot it existed.

Netflix had some old Who for awhile, classic stuff like Pyramids of Mars and The Mind Robber. They took it down though! I was pretty bummed to learn a month ago when i was jonesing for some Curse of Fenric.

I had a decent amount of luck searching Dailymotion for serials when i was watching the whole series a couple years ago. Found most stuff that’s not a “flagship” story (like, you won’t get Earthshock or Genesis of the Daleks). Dunno how it is now?

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Managed to snag a bunch of old who dvds for cheap, excited to dive into some Third Doctor serials for the first time ever.

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Ooh what’d you get

My local comic book shop was closing down and moving to a new location and they randomly had a box of legit dr who dvds for 225. I got 100 discs of stuff for all of the classic doctors except the 6th.


I watched Spearhead from Space and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to watching more of the Third Doctor. These old serials have an entirely different rhythm than I am used to. Not having to wrap everything up in 44 minutes really stretches the amount of stuff they do in each part.


Spearhead from Space is so cool. They were forced to shoot the whole thing on film, which gives it a really unique look and feel that nothing else in the classic series is quite like. It also means it’s the only classic serial that has a complete HD remaster!

Third Doctor is not quite my cup of tea but there is some great stuff in his run. Including the best version of the Master to date (though Michelle Gomez is damn good)

I was wondering why the episode looked so good.