double dipping SUCKS... or does it???

look, I own D3 thrice and the fact keeps popping up in loading screens and

who the hell buys a game three times

I say, looking at my four versions of PSO

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how many times is someone supposed to buy resident evil 4? asking for a friend.


when you preorder rdr2 for pc on the rockstar launcher you can pick two other games in their store to get for free and I picked max payne 3 which I already have on steam and the rockstar launcher already recognized, and which I also had already had on ps3 before, just so I could have a version of max payne 3 to play privately without adding to the public steam record of my somehow 245 hours in the game, more than my time in left 4 dead 2 or payday 2, games actually designed around replayability


Truly the only way to get to the maximum amount of payne


just posting evidence to be used against me later:

that one copy is still unopened

anyway, have fun blackmailing me later


I’ve bought over 7 copies of Dissidia NT, 6 or so copies of Gundam VS, and over 15 copies of Umbrella Corps. Those Umbrella Corps still count, unlike the 20 copies of Clan of Champions, because I wasn’t able to successfully gift most of them away.

Imagine that. People saying no to a free video game.


One person who did play Umbrella Corps with me was @Godamn_Milkman, who bought his own copy. We played for around 5 minutes before he said something like “Sorry, company/my girlfriend suddenly came over so I gotta quit.”

We never played again.


I’ve bought Cave Story 4 times.

Cave Story Wiiware
Cave Story + (PC)
Cave Story DSi (which is no longer available for purchase, bc it got replaced by the 3DSware version so technically it’s like, a Rare Eshop Download)
Cave Story 3D (the awful Nippon Ichi remake)


I’ve played a few rounds with other people. That is a weird. game.

The Ultimate Doom
Early 00’s Doom collection that I forget the exact title of that had Doom, Doom II and Final Doom.


i bought pretty much every release of outrun 2 but that was mandatory


I think I’ve bought Alex Kidd in Miracle World three times now, on top of the version that was built into the Master System II

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i probably have some version of the classic Mega Man games on every one of my consoles (where available)?

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I’ve bought so many copies of Mega Man II at this point.


It doesn’t count when you get the game a few times in bundles or compulsively download freebies from various services, right?

I bought Far Cry 2 twice, on the 360. I might pick it up on Steam some day.

I have bought Super Mario Bros. 3 on every platform Nintendo has allowed it

I bought extra copies of both Persona 3 and Nocturne so I had one to lend out, which is insane looking back

If you count anniversary collections, I own each Mega Man four to eight times probably

I keep buying Okami on different platforms and not playing it (Wii (the first and only time I got anywhere with it), PS2, PS3, Switch)

I have piles of Super Mario Bros largely because I bought it once on gameboy, once on NES, and then I kept being in circumstances where buying it on NES was mandatory to get something else, like a pile of other NES games, or a controller in a bag with a Mario Bros cartridge.

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I also have a ton of SMB and SMB/Duck Hunt because I bought a bunch of NES collections on eBay back in the day and those are games that are in everybody’s old collections.