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Otaku no Seiza tells the story of Fuyuu City, a place built in space far in the future. Aurora, a group of five attractive and powerful women, control the city. Men in the city are treated poorly compared to women, until the protagonist finds himself in the middle of the city with amnesia. Outraged, the protagonist decides to defeat Aurora and gain rights for the discriminated men of the city.


The game is a combination of science fiction and comedy in which a nameless hero arrives in a city where women have stolen the rights of men. The player controls the man as he tries to free men in the city. Otaku no Seiza features turn-based battles, similar to the Dragon Quest series.

Some screenshots from the PC Engine CD remake:


predicting the whinging gamer trends of the 21st century



What the fuck Zool was a ninja why don’t I remember that


because he looks like beans covered in neon?


Did the original Zool have the massive amounts of Chupa Chups product placement, or was that only Zool 2?


the original also had that


I don’t know why, but I always loved the jump-physics of that game. He swiftly reaches his arc with great speed but then floats back to the ground.

There needs to be a game that harnesses this jump arc!


The N games (N, N+, N++) feel like this; super floaty up and deceptively fast coming down. It looks slow down but it really isn’t .


damn i wish it were economically feasible to collect j-xbox games.

some nice green touches to your favorite multiplatform fighting games


You have me super curious about Circus Drive now.





Amerzone? It is a point-and-click puzzle adventure a la Myst.

Designed by Benoît Sokal (known for his Syberia series).


That is so completely my shit. You don’t even know how much my shit that is.


Amerzone is a location mentioned in the Syberia games, I didn’t realize it was just a nod to a previous game he made


i’m assuming this is a placeholder but i’m into EA putting as much effort into this box art as they are probably going to put into this port: