Dope Box art


Whoa. The sole presence of red-outline Link in there makes that box art undope.




Not all of them are at the same level of dopeness. With the dopest being FM4 and the least dope FM3, imo.


it’s interesting how few robots there are in the boxes of these robot games


I regret to inform you that all those Front Mission boxes are lame as hell


The sufami OG is good. Also 2 PSX.

I can’t believe they just slapped the title right in front of another logo on FM3. I knew they were bold but I didn’t realize they were also daring.


I’d like the PC Online more if we could see more of the bottom of the illustration


The European box art of Front Mission 3 is aight.


Eh, all FM3 covers are pretty bland.
Unfortunate since it’s apparently the best title in the series, but what are you gonna do.





I like how Lord Raptor is pulling a Where’s Wally charade on us.



Guys what game is this and did I make a mistake in not buying it solely for that amazing fucking box art.

Please don’t narc on me for covertly taking a photo at [REDACTED AKIHABARA SHOP THAT SELLS J-PC GAMES]. I bought 2000 yen worth of toys I didn’t really want to atone for that sin.

EDIT: Paying 2000 yen seemed like a lot until I noticed the price tag is almost fuckin $700.


The title translates do “do Dutch wives dream of electric eels?”

I swear I’m not making this shit up


Don’t click this link, which was already in my history cuz I may be a sickie.


Last one is Iblard - Laputa no Kaeru Machi



However, I don’t think this made it onto physical copies and was only used as promotional art.


Sorry I’m a little late to responding to your post. Hardcore Gaming 101 used to run a great series called Dark Age of JRPGs. This game was featured.

I highly recommend the other articles in the series. I wish they would continue it.