Dope Box art


That’s a good one, too!


Quo Vadis 2

better picture:


Sonic Chronicles

(i actually only found out about this game recently - i’ve never really cared for sonic - but does anyone rep it?)


i’ve never heard a positive thing about it
the soundtrack is especially infamous


bioware sonic rpg w/ nothing positive about it sounds like my sorta thing, downloading a copy now


the Killer7 soundtrack cover is pretty good too

hilariously bad


related except very good:


it’s unplayable imo





Real good.


Night Stalker rules and has the best horror soundtrack of any Intellivision game

cold lasers in cold halls, blood in your eardrums


down 2 load


Night Stalker is a masterpiece and in my top fifteen games of all time.


It’s so good!

I grew up lacking and yearning for games. I could only grab snatches of Super Mario Bros. at the houses of those who had an NES. I vividly remember my first sleepover when we rented NES Zelda; the huge unknown was even larger as I had never played a videogame long enough to understand its bounds.

At 8 a friend of my dad’s gave us his old Intellivision with over three dozen games. Apparently back then my dad had been so into Burger Time he was medically ordered to stop: he wasn’t blinking and was developing styes on his eyes.

With almost forty games my brother and I settled on a handful of favorites. The hockey game was the best of the sports games because swinging your stick was the same as attacking opponents; you could mash the button and be an engine of destruction until the refs threw you out.

Bump n’ Jump was fantastic and I haven’t recaptured the panic and violence on the much smoother arcade or NES versions. We would page through the manual and discuss the strengths of the different car types (and fear the skull car).

The action D&D game was the closest I could get to the feeling of Zelda. Though I didn’t know it, it’s a smart action translation of a lot of Rogue concepts. Count your arrows by pressing a button and hear one tick per arrow. Hear enemies in nearby rooms before you enter them (watch out for dragons).

Shark-Shark was the first gardening/ecosystem game I played; working your way up the food chain by selective predation is a micro-genre I love to death (E.V.O., Cubivore, Tokyo Jungle) and have copied several times.

Dreadnought Factor is a Western Xevious-like with a great box

Happy Trails mikes sliding block puzzles not awful!


this is coincidental timing because I fell asleep to this last night:


I have to say, I grew up on the Sega Master System, NES and Atari, so I was pretty spoiled by association with all my friends having one of each of the aforementioned systems; I didn’t own a system until the SNES came out.

In many ways though, I wish I had a chance to play the Intellivision (not as much as the Commodore 64), as there were some killer titles on there. That above video mentioned Thunder Castle is one such example.

That game was a revision of Night Stalker from Mattel Electronics 4 years later where the object of the game was to slay the creatures on the screen to ascend to the next part of the world. It had more scope. Though I must say that the loops in Night Stalker are superior. The enemy placement and their higher tier versions bring a type of emergence unseen by any of the Pac-Man clones and dare I say Pac-Man itself. Plus the soundtrack is gracefully monotonous in setting up its sci-fi theme.

Did you hear about Atlantis for the Intellivision? It was like an amalgamation of Missile Defense and Colony 7. Very cool interpretation on those existing designs. Some would say it is the best of both worlds and outshines its spiritual predecessors:

Pretty cool stuff.


I first played Thunder Castle in the PS2 Intellivision Lives! collection; a bit late for me to fall in love with it but it’s undeniably impressive. The IV’s green palette is real nice.

I learned about Ms. Night Stalker last night, by the way, it looks like a real solid romhack. Significantly faster, the spider web isn’t just a dead end.


I want a high res scan of this hot box featuring cool anime babes…