do any of youse use letterboxd


A few weeks ago i decided to make an effort to actually use it and it’s been going well enough so far. Let’s be friends on there. I’m dylasch


I use it, my profile is here


Oh dang I thought this was a linux daemon to re-encode your videos for you



I got really into shot on VHS outsider films from the 90s and got disillusioned when letterboxd wouldn’t let me add them but did have separate entries for all the different extended cuts of summer super hero movies.

If that’s fixed maybe I’ll take it back up. Otherwise here’s what I watched a couple years ago:


I can’t believe how soft I was on the recent American Godzilla. I rewatched it a couple months back and couldn’t get over handling of the nuclear angle. I guess at the time I just liked those new monsters.


I use it occasionally.



Ya just gotta add them to TMDB.

(You should follow scumbalina)


On letterboxd I’m the obvious!

I did it!

I haven’t actually used it since January.


I like that site, and I believe that I am already connected with everyone in this thread.


oh dang i just came here and searched these forums for ‘letterboxd’ and found this here thread

been quite active there historically, with some periods of absence

add me!


That todd gaines guys trash ass reviews always being the highest rated ones on every movie drives me up a wall


i blocked him long ago and basically never even see him anymore, thankfully

no longer do i concern myself with who or what’s popular on that site

got my own little thing going on and i know some fucking rad folks


More than anything, I use the view that shows ratings and reviews by those on my contact list (most of whom are SB members). I hope that they eventually expand that into some additional comparison/recommendation views.


I enjoy reading the top rated reviews and getting mad. Mostly I filter reviews by most recent though so I just get to see any old idiot’s reviews of the movie I just watched.


Oh hey I’m on here


i’m on there under the same username


wish there was an easier way to have a quick comparison with a person to understand how similar we are in tastes. or recommend people as friends who have the most similar ratings!