dark archie timeline

cannot wait for betty to expel piccolo

i’m still enjoying this show but the longer it goes on the more the only part of it that truly surprises me is, like, remembering it had an entire first season where any one of jughead stalked by hookhanded killer / boy scout D&D forest cult / betty discovers an organ harvesting clinic / archie bare knuckle fights his ex’s 40yo dad would would have seemed incredibly outre. like, what were those early episodes even about? high school or something?

I liked that they went all out on the graveyard lighting at the end of this ep. maybe they shouldn’t have buried Jason in the pet sematary.

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I still need to watch past the first episode but is the series predominantly from the perspectives of Betty and Veronica? It was an interesting take on the Archie world and it seemed neat.

CW really does make the best live action anime and I kind of wish they’d somehow follow a similar rate of show replacements, since almost every show I’ve seen from them slowly peters out after constant season renewals rather than getting graceful ends (granted that’s still a rarity in anime too!). But it would be cool to see them keep making new things because they’ve got a good track record on the first couple of seasons of new shows.

(East asian dramas are probably a better analog but CW manages to pull off more fantastic subject matter like super heroes and magic better than most of those tend to.)

No, but they do have plenty of agency of their own so they’re not just Love Interests

huh the katy keene show is getting it’s own seperate ginger lopez from the ginger lopez who was on riverdale

it’s not like ginger was a major riverdale character or anything but just interesting to see them pull a smallville which had two jimmy olsens, two cat grants, etc


that last episode actually managed to tie this trash fire together semi-coherently and in an entertaining way. feels like they thought of the ending first and spent hours trying to distract with red herrings. episode is a lot more fun to think about afterwards than in the moment maybe. i guess they weren’t ready to deal with luke perry yet which is fair enough after how absurdly heavy everything else is. i’d wager they just brought in molly ringwald to do what his role would have been. just good chaotic energy i appreciate it after this season

i do love that they go out of their way to justify alice’s weird character swings and cult membership as good and heroic and that by comparison kevin……just kind of sucks i guess!! rip to all the kevinheads presumably out there.

the flashfoward punchline at the end was like the perfect gag the entire rest of the season has been building up towards, and maybe would have been the ideal place to end the show in general?? i mean i enjoy it but i almost don’t want to watch them work out how to escape from that narrative hole.

i kind of wish they’d left the black hood alive after betty shot his OTHER hand. the buster bluth of serial killers.

EDIT: also the joke where everytime somebody walked in on kevin and fangs they were doing something comically nonsexual and innocuous, like standing three feet apart bouncing a tennis ball back and forth or something, honestly never got old


these were amazing like just a constant stream of weird theater class exercises

Season 3 is finally on Netflix and I’m like


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I thought it bottomed out pretty bad around episode 7 or so but I thought the same thing of season 2, it’s a problem with their pacing more than anything else, and it does recover imo

Okay season three was bonkers

I lol’d when they tried to get in on that Daredevil hallway fight action

the cabot twins are here and so is pepper from it’s josie but where is sebastian the cat

“Brett Weston Wallace”

aha the actors are getting so old

cannot get enough

I really wonder if one of the sex scenes isn’t like, shot-for-shot from a bioware game

i shouldn’t be surprised after every ridiculous thing that has happened but i honestly can’t believe the trailer seems to be implying a pureheart the powerful arc



is it me or is jughead marginally less ripped this season

that episode was incredibly bad though

it was like, all of the heavy handed sentimentality with none of the slightly deranged tone that normally carries it

I appreciate that they bumped the rest of the season by an episode to do this when Luke Perry passed but I don’t think it exactly does justice to him, I’m almost confused that their writers produced it even if they were trying to do something straightforwardly emotional

how do mad dog’s abs look like that

I liked betty’s line about “no more heart-to-hearts in front of the lockers” functioning as like a coded retcon that yes these characters have still actually been regularly attending highschool all this time, rather than as a palette cleanser between murder mysteries.

“have you ever heard of waco, betty?”

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