dark archie timeline



the kids are playing their parents in flashbacks and i have to wonder if the initial casting for the show was purposefully done that way because it really works


um seeing the actors playing their own parents who are high on illegal pop rocks and LARPing in school at night singing the theme from Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is actually a transcendent moment of television


i got sidetracked by sabrina which is good but strangely not as ridiculous to me as riverdale so it’s not really as fun


i can’t believe this whole season is premised on a literal version of 1980s christian propaganda that D&D could hypnotize vulnerable teens into killing each other like some kind of lifetime movie from hell what is this


Really loving the new Sabrina. About halfway through it.

Some of the high school stuff is… exactly as teen-showey as I feared, but everything else rules. I like the witch lore quite a bit. I really like how it’s shot and the locations they pick.


cole sprouse’s weird, unihinged michael keaton/jeff goldblum nervyness should be put to use in something better


jellybean is an amazing character

hiram lodge is so cartoonishly supervillain evil that it’s not even fun

best new name watch is “lugnut”


i wish there was any character on this show that i could hold on to as an anchor.

luke perry was the closest thing and there already wasn’t enough of him

every character’s personality on a week to week basis depends entirely on the whims of the plot mechanics

i’m so exhausted of the mystical brainwashing powers of the farm or g&g just chewing through so many characters who used to be interesting in any way

like if they say alice was doing a deep undercover expose on the farm the whole time and just ignore her behavior this entire season i’d be fine with that

jughead turning his gang into a bunch of drug free snitches for the cops is almost…almost a good parody of how the cops are just another gang but what even are or were the serpents

remember when there was tension with pops not wanting his restaurant to be a casino

it’s so weird that this entire show is about the various criminal organizations being run by teens who still get good grades and whatnot

i like the evolution of weatherbee from “none of my students better be in a gang” to “no gang activity at school” to “gangs better act nice at school”

archie and josie are like the only semi normal thing happening and she’s leaving for that katy keene show

i hope they fully wipe the slate clean next season because this is a slog


i’m still watching and enjoying the show but the stuff about the farm does feel like, not even reading an overextended cross-title 90s x-men story arc about technoviruses etc so much as reading the wikipedia page about an overextended 90s x-men story arc and trying vaguely to reverse engineer why it was treated like such a big deal.

I feel like Reggie has sort of blossomed into the kind of totally uncomplicated hunk doofus the show needs? Like when every other character is involved in moving up or down a constantly shifting crime hierarchy it’s sort of refreshing to have exactly one who’s very happy just being a neo noir cosplay bartender constantly wiping the same glass with a cloth.

TBH I kind of preferred Cheryl when she was more aimlessly malevolent but did enjoy the episode where she was rejected from the patricia highsmith women’s college for aspiring gothic novel protagonists for being too gay. Also when she and Toni became cat burglars and stole a valuable egg and all the different characters were saying things like “I want that egg” in intense voices.

will miss luke perry :frowning_face: