Cyrano: The Origin -- A Special Live Select Button Gamer Stream Event

I never went to high school! I’ve never been in love! That’s all going to change on 2021-02-06T01:00:00Z, though! That’s when @Rudie and I will be playing Tokimeki Memorial, live, on gamer stream, at!

This game isn’t available in English! I do not know any Japanese! But that won’t stop me from pitching woo, as our man Rudie knows almost all the words, and how to translate them. With his help I will definitely land me a girlfriend, and we will live happily ever after, as we will surely have no troubles once my own personal Cyrano is gone, and my lack of Japanese knowledge is exposed. Our affections will only deepen, because who needs words when you have eyebrows like these. They’re very expressive.

I’m pointing to my eyebrows right now. Try and imagine it. I’m sure you’ve seen them, and made note of how expressive they are.

Anyway please let me know which girl I should try and marry. I won’t listen to your advice but I will judge your choices. Thank you. Also this is a game about high schoolers but our stream won’t be problematic, we’re going to be so clean, I’m sure this is a very wholesome game, very much unlike the sort of thing you’d see from, say, a Canadian shovelware development house that profits off images of underage girls in revealing clothing.

Thank you.


I always liked the black haired girl and the purple haired girl.

The black haired girl is an artist and seems to start every dialogue with a bit of English so maybe we’d make a good couple, though I’d surely eventually get sick of it and we’d break up after I imitate her saying SO COOL one too many times.

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Asako giving the Shakka sign is re-evaluating how I know her.

I can read most of the words. I have played through the game once. I have watched Tim’s video which almost counts as playing the game twice. I spend 20 minutes a night watching Pro-Tokimeki playthroughs. I can still barely read and remember the girl’s names. Names are hard in Japanese. I went to American Public High School. I was not trained for this.

But I am only the Jimmney Cricket to Bachelor’s Pinnocolo. I will not have the controls. I can only guide Bachelor guiding a teen…towards love. I will be using most of my brain to live translate. We’ll see how long until I am completely fried. I expect we will at least get to Yumi’s introduction.


She’s just doing “call me” but hasn’t finished lifting the imaginary handset to her ear okay

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I also got Yuko’s name wrong which I said I was going to do. I’m sorry (Bachelor don’t read this) we went out on like 6 dates and went to an X-Japan concert and you were great.


I bloodpotioned that even though I didn’t read it, cuz I’m honorable.

Anyway official start time is 2021-02-06T01:00:00Z at Please tune in, and cheer us on, for my good…and yours…cuz someday I want someone to make this request of me:

GameCenter CX S03 13 - Tokimeki Memorial  SA-GCCX-0001

Someday…I want to ‘pay it forward’…and help someone else…fall in love.

Thank you.


You may say you can never go back. But Bachelor never went. So he is:

I even grabbed this from Tim (thanks Tim) for the stats:

But Bachelor also needs to know how to know “who to call”:

and “where to go”


Can’t believe there’s no option for taking a date to the wrestling matches, really not sure I’ll be able to fall in love here

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Until Tomorrow enjoy this collection of contemporary music collaborated by Lady Rude.


GameCenter CX S03 13 - Tokimeki Memorial  SA-GCCX-0002
GameCenter CX S03 13 - Tokimeki Memorial  SA-GCCX-0005
GameCenter CX S03 13 - Tokimeki Memorial  SA-GCCX-0007
GameCenter CX S03 13 - Tokimeki Memorial  SA-GCCX-0008

You should be embarrassed, Arino. Shanley is gonna rip you to shreds over this appropriation.

I promise we won’t do anything this embarrassing tonight though. We already typed in my name! And it’s not icky in the least. Just going by the name my momma gave me, which I will not type here because I don’t want to be doxxed but I’m sure many of you know what it is…

We’re less than 2 hours away! Please open up and idle there in anticipation. Maybe that’s good for my metrics or something I dunno how that site works nor do I care

You May Say High School Isn’t Real I Cant Have A High School Experience

Well Get Ready To Believe in Ghost Stories

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We’re going live soon!! Please join us! I hope I don’t play so badly I get expelled from school!!



Look at those gloves, I love him, it’s like looking in a mirror.


Seeing this reminded me how I felt just 4 short hours ago, when we first met, and our relationship seemed so promising. Then she started dressing like a 60 year old lunch lady on her day off. Now I feel like I am settling for her, there is no affection there anymore, we’re like two months away from becoming full on Lockhorns, but she did buy a nice tank top once upon a time.


This looks like she’s trying to infiltrate the world of cross country trucking in search of the man whose big rig turned her onii-chan into nothing but a stain spread across two blocks worth of asphalt. She’s putting herself in great danger, especially since she’s utterly unconvincing. I bet at one point she befriends a chimp. That would make all the risks worth it, I bet.


Kinda looks like it’s passing a kidney stone shaped like a penguin. I want to play whatever game that thing’s from.


Though I bet if I were at sea she’d still find a way to let me know that no, she does not want me to walk her home from school, because then people would start rumors.


I didn’t want to end up on a watchlist so I didn’t take a screenshot of her. That’s from when I went to see Forrest Gump with Shiori. She loved it, I hate it, I think it’s the worst, we are not compatible. But Shiori is still better than that girl who’s still wearing OshKosh B’gosh in high school. She sucks and I hate her and she’s the only character who loves me even though I lied and told her I found koalas scary. What can I do to make sure this girl never approaches me again.


In YES “Bachi” Sexgod’s First Year he

  • by ignoring Shiori Fujisaki made her like him more
  • Shared a 2nd hand kiss with Nozomi
  • Saw Forrest Gump with Shiori she liked it
  • Went to one Soccer Practice and quit immediately
  • Practiced so much Baseball
  • Won several baseball games
  • was negged and approached by Nijino Saki the second most popular Tokimemo Girl
  • Ran into Asahina Yuko twice to no results
  • Got cold called by the Chinese girl 10 times
  • went skiing with Nozomi
  • attended Rei’s Christmas party and got hand-made candy from Saki
  • on New Years Day did Omimai with Saki and wished for romance with her
  • got DaiKichi (Great Luck!)
  • Had a moment of rememberance with Shiori
  • Started walking home with Shiori
  • Continued to play Baseball
  • went to an Enka concert with Saki
  • met bro’s younger sister Yumi who loves Sexgod
  • Went on an intentional sabotage date with Yumi and despite successful sabotage she had a great time



On stream mentioned article for Nijino Saki being your mom/girlfriend/wife and how great it would be if she was your wife making bento everyday. This was on the front page of Yahoo! it was the first result for her name. It’s very weird!


OH WE WENT TO A WRESTLING MATCH!!! Saki enjoyed herself.

This Friday Night 8pm Eastern. Part 2 of High School. Some call it the second year. Others call it year 2. For Bachi will this mean…more baseball?


(…more like, more overalls!!!)

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