i was very into cyberpunk for like 8 years of my life but i think the genre reached its limits when i realized all it really exists for now is dumb white guys to compare the state of washington paying for my pussy reupholstering with a stim-addicted chinese-russian cyberbutcher giving me murder worms in my brain by chopping my legs off and replacing them with robot ones. that “cyberpsychosis” shit in cyb 2020 aged like weapons-grade dogshit and its hard to read the handwringing over PURITY OF THE HUMAN FORM or whatever in a lot of cyberpunk as anything but vaguely transphobic in 2019

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in conclusion: the only good thing william gibson has ever written is that essay about how singapore is totalitarian disneyland or something. that one was legit funny as far as i remember

So much hyperbole

I don’t remember reading that overarching plot behind the family in Neuromancer to endorse anything, it just involves capital would-be gods?

Not enough ground reason or need to defend a crude, possibly angled attempt at CPRs pushing buttons…that can end up promoting a “wrong” direction. I would like to stick out an honest neck for a sec though.

If my 90% cisbro self had encountered that ad while combing promo material or later in game, admittedly I would’ve found it slightly erotic (in-game first, not necessarily personally titillating) as it was intended to be alongside yes, fetishized for product and appeal to alluring ethos.

The intersection of almost everything mentioned in this thread, since that came to light, would inevitably show up in any huge pop event incorporating cyberpunk. I have to put upfront what it draws out of folks more directly affected by that kind of mishandled artistic intent when it’s receiving a perp sweat.

So it already weighs badly and I’m inclined to agree with all the other “big themes sometimes explored very crudely w.underbelly” criticism, but that statement is inherent to the genre and all its tendrils.

So given the artistic intent mentioned by the designer in the article Shrug posted, can we imagine a visual that would not have been thorny or arguably degressive? Or is that intersection forbidden?

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being like “damn fetishization sucks” and choosing to reproduce it uncritically in your game is very much not saying anything of value at all! i also want the shitty company with a history of transphobia to leave my people the fuck alone! i dont give a fuck what the artists intent is when they are using us as to make their dumbass point. cis people only care about us as fucking props


You’re not wrong to feel that way of course but this is built ground up with fetish of ideas identity tech style and 'tude, so if it’s gonna be anywhere, this is the place. Not an argument, just saying it’s ugly and expectations are weird.

i believe the image is fetishistic
given the CONTEXT of their previous behavior, and the places they post, and the way the dick is drawn!
i dont think fetishism is representation


its exactly what i expected, that doesnt mean im not going to get pissed off at cis people being dumb as all shit anyway


i’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but i feel like i personally would probably be able to overlook the problems in the writing on a macro level if it wasn’t so bad on, like, the level of the sentence. the dialogue in the trailer they released is just excruciatingly sloppy and unnatural. it’s so jarring to see something that looks like hundreds of highly paid professionals have been laboring over it for hours, but sounds like it was written by some kind of content farm of teenagers who learned to speak english from half-paying attention to quentin tarantino movies


like the artist admits to finding the image hot in that polygon piece, it kinda calls their whole critique into question when its literally jerk off material


Redesiuk said that the world of Cyberpunk 2077 includes many people who are gender-nonconforming,

Somehow i feel like this isn’t true or we would have seen a trans person outside of a fetishistic ad by now.


…gamers are going to start referring to this as “bulgegate”, aren’t they?

i WOULD play a cyberpunk game where everyone who WASNT a cis man was reduced to nothing but a fetish and the game is about the underground communties of sex workers destroying their horny oppressors

im done with games about dystopian societies being told from the perspective of the ruling class. this game just looks like more poverty tourism


like, I dunno, the argument is that this ad is in a context where trans people are normalized and body mods are a fashion statement but we haven’t seen any evidence of that… literally the first image of a trans person in any of these games is a horny ad

It’s that special form of othering, where trans people are erased while their bodies are fetishized


lol that reminded me of noted idiot nick land talking about “schizophrenic HIV+ transsexual chinese-latino stim-addicted LA hookers with implanted mirrorshades and a bad attitude” in the CRAZY cyberpunk future!!!

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I guess it’s time for a new game in a new genre from another developer. I am holding out for Cyberphunk September 2099

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no, “gate” is only for things THEY’RE mad about

I mean, I’m still gonna play this game

I’m not gonna BUY it, but I’ll still play it

The guys who made HATRED went on to do

I feel like you can watch Gibson’s political arc towards political nihilism / neoliberalism happen as you read his books. by the mid 90s I dont think Id even call them punk anymore just weird novelties that predicted the future in disturbing ways. I was just reading one about a guy using online shopping metadata to predict a suicide among other things. (It was written in 1996.)
Though in all his fiction his characters seem to be of their time and aren’t thinking big picture for the most part.

But we should also consider the landscape of the time the original trilogy was published. Was simply suggesting that capitalism leads to mass decay “radical enough” at the time? To that point in time dystopian fiction was about centralized power run amok. I dont think it is now if the goal is to get people thinking and not just write about the way sand blasted plastic sheeting diffuses neon lighting and Im honestly unsure of which was a greater focus.

Im hoping they catch a clue before release and continued criticism is helping on that front.


I relate to Gibson insofar as I can be a bit of a streetwear dork when left alone overlong