Corona Bandcamp Heist 200320

So bandcamp is doing a thing on Friday where they take 0% of sales revenue and I had an idea. If you have something on sale at bandcamp that you are especially into, or will have ready by Friday, post a link here and I will buy it. I would ask that you do the same for any other record posted here. The effect would be an even trade (minus paypal fees) if everyone is able to reciprocate.

Besides having access to HQ versions of all the new music there might be a little signal boost as well.

There should probably be an upper limit on cost per record, maybe $5-$8.

Not trying to game the system. I love bandcamp and use it to find music all the time. They probably know people are going to do stuff like this. Also, I don’t post here a lot so I understand if nobody wants to get involved in what could totally be a scam with a stranger. I am a NoRA supporter for what it’s worth.

Anybody interested?


I’m going on a shopping spree on Friday



I didn’t think the math out completely at first but if we all make the cost of the record $8 on friday the trade will be even. It doesn’t matter how many tracks there are as long as we all do it. Thanks for joining in toups.

i made some music in the past. probably gonna start up again.


it doesn’t have to be even, it’s more important to me at least that people give what they can

I bought all your music. I hope you can reciprocate

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Today was my longest-ever e-mail notification of things people I follow on Bandcamp have bought (which includes, of course, several SB members).

Last night, I also stumbled upon a musician acquaintance performing live on video in a venue in my city where people normally go to see live music in person. (I almost never go see live music but I often tell myself I should.) The place was also offering food pick-up orders outside while they played inside.

Today’s newspaper reports no new COVID-19 cases in my city since yesterday, but I don’t think that means much since testing is still so minimal here.

Ghosto, I am enjoying this album of yours:

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do you have any online?