cool music videos


Are these from CPR dummies? I remember in Primary school we got dumped with a bunch of them and had fun doing this like this and drawing all over them and stuff. They have good hait bits too.


Yep, that’s what they are. The face was modeled on the death mask of an unknown woman who drowned in the Seine in the 1880’s.

I have a box of them. They were my thing for a while. Dozens of paintings. There are baby ones too.




Debating whether i should make a thread for unofficial music videos. here are some good favorites,


Big Sky is not my favourite but Mother is an outstanding track. My pick of her early works is probably The Dreaming (sorry Brooks). Although I will grant that she overdoes this very specific melisma on virtually every track:



in commemoration of her newly released album :3

(a little nsfw between 4’ 21" and 4’ 24")



there was never a pm dawn jrpg for the sega saturn and it makes me so sad




god Everlongggggggggggggggggggg is just. so fkn good

haha thanks autocorrect



bring back maintenance room/warehouse chic





Dal Tokyo-style animations


Oh yes.