cool music videos


it’s basically

set to catchy music


Auuugh I was going to post ‘the TV show.’ Instead I’ll post more of his music video work; he does some amazing interweaving in all his animations that I really like.


Sort of in the vein of that last one:

Starring Steve-Gutenberg’s-asking-price-was-too-big-for-this-tiein-music-video cutout:

Someone already posted World Order but ALL THE WORLD ORDER:


hott off the presses



Thanks for reminding me this exists




any of Kate Bush’s videos qould qualify for this thread imo. i rly like what the light does to the film stock in this one though:


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Bonus track:

god i love the vox on this song so hard




How have I never seen that clip for Wedding List

Never For Ever rules, don’t be dazzled by Dreaming/Hounds boosters


it’s you and me against the world Brooks

Night Scented Stock -> Army Dreamers -> Breathing is, uh, breathtaking



Hounds of Love was my first KB and will always be my favorite (the whole of side A is just as thrilling a run of tunes) but there are people who think it’s her best and slag off the rest of her albums, and i don’t have any time for those people.


side A is pt rad yeah. i think i’m kind of iffy on ‘The Big Sky’ and ‘Mother Stands for Comfort’ but the latter definitely has rad instrumentation

idk i find there’s often a fine line between heartrending and cringey ( and then, enjoyably camp ) with K Bush sometimes. some of Hounds of Love straddles that. but then some of Never For Ever definitely does so that’s OK

anyway another HTRK vid, thx @The_Blueberry_Hill


Heh. Sorry for the tangent, but here’s a painting I did in 2007:

If you get a hold of two of those things you can’t help but have them make out.



I think Hounds of Love might be the worst named great album of all time.


Negativedge I would like you to elaborate plz


not much to elaborate on, really. album titles are usually a whatever thing to me, but I just can’t shake the feeling that Hounds of Love ought to be a grocery store romance novel, not the defining work of an accomplished artist.


I think there’s a Mills n Boon pulp romance novel quality to her whole catalogue so I guess that’s why it never struck me as out of step