cool music videos


Not a good video per se, but I think it’s cool. Some friendquaintances of mine made this a couple years back. I saw them play last night and remembered that this existed.

Funfact: I have bought uncountable numbers of overpriced lone star 12-packs from that convenience store and killed uncountable numbers of braincells at that party house (The Witch Lair). Other funfact: Mike the bassist/singer told me the idea came from one of the members of The Sword, who’s (like me) a huge Repo Man fan.

I will neither confirm nor deny that I am in any of the crowd shots:/




if you ever needed a video about japanese fashion/culture featuring chisato moritaka, yamataka eye and hatsune miku (and many more!) that is at the same time the first appearance of jun togawa on a music video in at least thirteen years, there you go:

i’m afraid it wears quite a corporativistic/trendy-ad-campaign style but i can’t help but love it a lot.


Karasuzoku 4 “life”



all about that motorik groove B) This one is quite simple yet really trippy.

I ride through my city’s central park after work some nights and it’s a similar feeling (no lights though)







Depending on your definition of “cool”:

Depending on your definition of “music video”:


sonic adventure 2 (jackets)


I have to watch this video once a month to psychicly recharge.


i can’t remember if i posted this on SB yet



[Hot Chip vid] - Directed by Peter Serafinowicz



i wasnt actually aware he directed that one. i was aware he directed this one:

which i def posted itt but the link broke.

Hot Chip are very good and their videos are very good.