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After reading how this article characterizes him it sounds more like it was an early sign of Bo’s megalomania. Thought it was the Final Fantasy thing that did it for them but looking it up it seems like they had a whole 4 other games in the works that all got taken down with them. A lot of parallels there to how Starbreeze was managed.


And to a large extent this is defined by the presence and absence of hits. Bo talked to us back in 17-BIT days about Payday funding the entire company and the virgin territory of PC free-to-play, and it was indeed nuts in those days; games with $2-$15m budgets were regularly throwing off multiple millions in revenue a month, making our traditional business plan look like chump city.

The level of micromanagement and pressure only strikes me as half again as bad as a typical studio; the real problem was an unrealistic schedule for Walking Dead.

On the VR investments, those always seemed baffling but my mindset is the small mouse who looks on hardware moments as opportunities to get funding to make cool things, not the one throwing money around to establish a market (I will say I’ve always thought VR arcades are the best case for the current tech, and it sounds like they tried that).

At least we have Machinegames.

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I’m not sure that article is very cool


It’s my kind of cool I suppose. I’m sorry It doesn’t meet your criteria. I will do better next time.


(more photos of the dormitory in question)


one of the weirdest things i’ve read in a while

wonder if spike will do a sequel


A prime example of self indulgent blogging, but I kept reading and nodding my head in agreement

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This is kind of an interesting conversation starter for what art will mean in the future


It will mean at very least Bob Ross will continue to occupy the popular imagination??

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Website is sorta horrendous in terms of ads/banners so fire up your most potent adblocker, but this is cool


not sure how i feel about the author’s prognostic re “cringe culture” but it’s still a good analysis overall

fascinating research on the role of chaebols in south korean society, from the 1950s to now

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isn’t this just New Sincerity Redux


groove select


Acceleration seems like a lot of hard work to me


white americans have way too much free time, jesus


richard pope - hooked on an affect: detroit techno and dystopian digital culture

riccardo balli - how to cure a gabba

botond vitos - along the lines of the roland tb-303: three perversions of acid techno
“TB-303 is no longer used as a “fake” instrument; LSD is no longer a pharmaceutical drug.”