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Post cool articles ITT:

“How I Got Back in a Race Car After Drug Trafficking Sent Me to Prison for 26 Years”

Related, dealing with the odd circumstances of his release:

And more details of his history as a racecar driver/drug smuggler:


“How casio accidentally started reggae’s digital revolution”


wow, (re: racecar drug-trafficking lord/driver) that is some cool stuff to read. thanks!


On the app/service economy as insulation in the case of Silvercar.


on the enigma of srinivasa ramanujan


This ruled


“The Linguistics of ‘YouTube Voice’”


youtube voice has always annoyed me, especially since no one seems to know what im talking about when i mention it

there’s a gaming specific variant that drives me nuts

wwwwhatsupguysthisisgamergodandTODAY i will be bringing YOU blah blah blah


@Tulpa Thought of your comments in the Star Trek thread re: Darmok when I read this article. It seems like an interesting exercise in subjectivity and context in language.
How to Say (Almost) Everything in a Hundred-Word Language: Those who speak Toki Pona say linguistic simplicity can enable a more profound form of communication.


I know we were all just hating gawker in another thread but this is pretty good:


this one is almost two years old, but seeing a conversation on twitter about the topic recently i re-read it and remembered how comprehensive it is.

“Does it help to know history?”




Who was it on these forums that was obsessed with Football Manager?






At last I have a named creed