character actors you get excited to see in movies


all i remember from out for a kill is the terrible 3d bullet effect and seagal sitting in a chair fighting a weird monkey man who flies around the room on a wire

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Things from Out for a Kill:

  • Seagal plays a former convict who got his PhD from Yale while in prison in Archaeology.
  • When his archaeology assistant dies, he’s ready to fuckin’ go to war. When his wife dies in a house fire, he just stands outside and doesn’t even bother while the sky behind him flips out and changes colors.
  • At his assistant’s funeral, two monks are standing by her picture, then jump out of frame, throw a smoke bomb back in, and jump back in ready to FIGHT.
  • The aforementioned monkey dude.
  • At one point he ends up in prison with a black roommate who gets introduced as being in there for some drug shit, so of course Seagal gets him let out later after giving him daps on leaving the cell, after Steve learns some AAVE (important as yet another ethnic identity he can adopt here and in other movies).

There’s probably more, but I can’t even remember it all. It’s a lot.


oh we just watched out for a kill like a month ago, it was a bunch of small neat details in a sea of shit. the most realistic part is him making a friend while incarcerated and completely forgetting about him on release

i think i really only like on deadly ground

and into the sun, which i havent seen. i accidentally ran into seagal while he was filming it

like i definitely have a seagal saturation, if someone really excited about him tries to show me more than one movie of his in a row they all melt together and i remember the actions as one movie


That’s fair. I watched like one a week for awhile and that was definitely the exact right rate to deal with his bullshit.

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To whit, just watched the Spongebob episode where they wind up meeting some of their live-action doppelgangers, played by the voice actors themselves.


Been watching old next generation and x-files back to back and I always get a kick out of seeing Brian Thompson