character actors you get excited to see in movies


I didn’t notice that was Cary Elwes until the credits of the final episode and it stunned me. I didn’t remember him looking like that the last time I remember seeing him!

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Lance Reddick saying “they always do” in Destiny after the one strike is the #1 videogames thing I make reference to that nobody around me understands.

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Harry Dean will always be the King of this category for me.


im like this way with actors from true blood (a bunch of which were on the wire, who were on oz etc etc hbo is all character actors)

sam the bartender always has shitty sleezeball parts
and eric the vampire is one of the models that blows up at the gas station in zoolander
arlene is on claws now and plays the same person with the same color hair dye

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yea theres lots of people who are just character actors that were on the wire, true blood, oz, deadwood, the sopranos etc. etc. and its always nice to see them! harry dean stanton, ray wise, and clancy brown are also good picks for sure. i had forgotten this until today but its always nice to see fuckin walton goggins in shit too. i got very excited when i thought i heard him running around in arkanes prey game and it turns out it was actually him

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hes so good as goth daddy in destiny


remember when people like Steve Buscemi were in this category

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I was sad when Charles Napier died 8 years ago




Ronny Cox was cool as hell when I met him a bunch of years ago.

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Ronny Cox is one of those dudes i always recognize in movies but never remember their name


also i love seeing john c. mcginley in that weird phase he had in the '90s where he would just show up as a heavy in trash action movies like on deadly ground and surviving the game. theres this scene in on deadly ground where hes just absolutely trashing the entire fucking set and chewing scenery and its incredible

he gets so mad at ice-t in the middle of this scene where gary busey monologues for like 3 minutes about having to kill his dog as a 12 year old from surviving the game that he forgets how to open a door. truly one of the greats

speaking of HBO actors i really like harold perrineau


who everyone remembers from the matrix

and hes currently in claws

which has ANOTHER actor i get excited about, dean norris as uncle daddy

oh and hes here with dale dickey who was patty the daytime hooker in my name is earl and also the wolf grandma in true blood!

okay so theres three more i get excited about i guess!!

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the guy who plays christopher in the sopranos


my picks are:

Peter Stormare

Fred Willard

Tilda Swinton

Ray Wise

Tim Curry


This movie is the most peak Seagal movie ever. It’s amazing. So much bullshit in a movie that ends with a PowerPoint. As I recall, it’s got Billy Bob Thorton in a bit part as well.

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billy bob is in the movie for like 3 minutes but he delivers this incredible monologue about how he isnt sure if he should have the stock of his gun in or out because when he shoots seagal he doesnt want to feel like a pussy. it is incredible

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That whole movie rules. Having watched 36 Steven Seagal movies, it is easily in the top five, if not maybe the tops itself. Seagal’s vision quest alone is peak shitty action movie cinema.

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i used to use the part from the vision quest where he touches a feather to seagal’s forehead and he falls over as a transition between OBS scenes lol. there is so much going on in that fucking movie

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Have you seen Out for a Kill? It’s really the only Seagal movie that rivals On Deadly Ground for the sheer amount of ridiculous bullshit that happens in like every minute.

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