cazzo! vaffanculo! ragazzi! [the itaglia thread]


i know “italy” doesn’t have a “g” in italian

so i’m going to italy next week. does sb have people from there, or who have an experience in the country?

it’s a family trip, so i won’t have much freedom to wander about / make huge detours and such. we’ll be mostly within the tuscany and lazio regions, florence and rome being the two main cities to spend time in. any tips / recs on those places is welcome, though!

i’m fine w tourist-y stuff, as long as i visit the appian way, some smaller museums and take a pic of a plaque indicating via antonio gramsci. also, i wonder If there are places i can get nice clothes (used or otherwise) for cheap . . .

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alternatively, people are welcome to use this thread (which will probably be soon deleted) to post memes about italians, italian-americans and soccer


Paging @isfet to this thread yo.

I love calcio, that’s about the extent of my connection to Italy. My sister lived there for a year, further north than you’ll be though. Eat a lot of food!

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Oh man, Rome is my favorite city in the world.

There’s a church on the corner by the Pantheon that has a Michelangelo in it, you know, just because. You can walk right up to it.

Eat pizza. Don’t be a weenie and get a margherita

The best gelato I ever had is a place called Old Bridge (yeah in English) near the Vatican

Go to the Vatican Museum. You have to.

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don’t you dare turning up in Italy w/out having seen this.

what ya gotta see: .... j/k-option: Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Ciao!

srsly now:
Milano, obv!
The Scala, that somewhat medium-sized cathedral, Galeria Vittorio Emanuelle (spelling?) and Porto Nuova if you like huge, fancy new yuropean buildings.

Rome - you obv have an idea what to see.
Watch tiny cinquecentos darting around monstrous german SUVs, drink some espresso, get yourself some proper pizza, go window shopping with sunglasses and enjoy your life, then you’ll be fine anywhere there, tbh!


thanks for the tips, everyone! saving all of them, to organize something of a (loose) itinerary for myself later

who do you think i am? some chump? some kind of dumbass? of course i know adriano celentano


Italy is so dope. I used to go every year with my family when I was little. But we went to tourist-y beaches and that was mostly it, so I got no big recommendations in terms of places to see. I did get to see Venice once and it was amazing.

Obviously eat all the foods. Like, get those frutti di mare and prosciutto melon and have all the pizzas and so on. It alone is going to make the trip, be damn sure.


become a gang-star


honestly Italy is a wonderful place to be a tourist, it’s impossible to have a bad time. I took Cuba’s gelato recommendation a decade ago and can vouch but I almost wouldn’t worry about recommendations. Avoid obviously shitty tourist meals as much as you’re able but just do what you want beyond that

Rome is sweaty and gross and crumbling in the daytime but lovely at night


Yep. When we used to visit my grandad there we basically wouldn’t leave the flat 'til very late

I’ve never been to Milan for some reason, I might


fr i was so surprised when i saw the temperatures in rome. 35°c?! in europe?! get outta here


Yeah, it gets up to that and more even in Vienna. Summer is not as shitty as some might think in Europe. (Unless you think high temperatures are shitty)


that Gulf Stream does wonderful things. also Rome is like 500 miles from the Sahara

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ask france what they thought about easily cracking 40°C almost three weeks ago.

anyway, if you like to conveniently track weather alerts when you will be here, here you go:


didn’t even leave the firenze airport and two elderly female workers already got super angry at customers and told them off. the first was a flight attendant mad at a guy wanting to change seats (??) and the other a lady at the SIM card store who straight up yelled at a spanish tourist complaning about waiting in line.

there are smoking rooms everywhere!

i’m so feeling this energy


I’ve never flown to Italy so I can’t compare experiences there. What always struck me about Italians from when I was a little kid to pubescent boy was how beautiful they all are. I mean the beautiful to ugly ratio is something amazing.

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the secret thing, if you ask me, is that most italians manage to appear like they don’t care, and totally pull it off. Flying to Milan, loitering around there for work and hitting the city in the evening was a great time, and on the next/last day of our trip, i felt comfortable just being there, something that other locations took a few days or even a few trips, and never managed to reach that.

If you/your outfit can stand the quick check of a proper Italian lady/man, Mama or Don, without a frown or laugh, you’ve taken a step as a human being that you will never forget.
Like, hades bouncers must be childs play compared to that scanning process.

Have the best time there, tibyz!
and totally do take pictures of all the weird things you see!
Bella Italia, :star_struck:
Ciao Ciao!


just got back home.

it was a very, very pleasant trip! i had envisioned this thread to be something of a travelogue but i’d be so tired by time we got back to the hotel room every day, posting was too much work (not to mention i lacked a notebook)

some scattershot things that caught my attention:

-service workers smoke a lot on the job. even saw a police officer #vaping in florence!

-people there are nuts for small motorcycles that are super bulky and appear gigantic on the sides

-drivers lowkey only signal when turning whenever they feel like it

-all the cities with liveable “historical centers” (rome, florence, siena, san giminiano, etc) are quite walkable. narrow streets, bars, restaurants, squares w public benches everywhere; it’s a cliche but i really had such a great time getting lost in those places, walking around for hours as it got dark eating a sandwhich or whatever

-to the surprise of no one, the food really is all amazing. ate so many pizzas these past few days it’s ridiculous. specially amazing though was the ice cream. what the hell. i had no idea italian ice cream could be so different from the muck i’ve been eating my whole life. melon best flavor :melon:

-the roman public bus system is wild. there are no turnstiles, no guy charging you to get into the bus. nothing!! the thing just stops and you get inside through whatever door. technically you need a validated ticket you pay for (which i did) but no one looks into it? ugh, the italians’ minds.

-huawei / alipay ads everywhere. there were even bilboards entirely in mandarin outside the airports

-god it’s so hot. i know this year was particularly tough across europe, but like, i was fucking around museums and ancient churches n shit at 39ºC! i’m from a tropical country and have never seen something like this