cazzo! vaffanculo! ragazzi! [the itaglia thread]


Welcome to our new reality!
Seriously tho, imagine staying at work - voluntarily - because if you would be home, you end up heating up your living room even more, 38 degrees at 8pm…

anyway, share some pictures with us!

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Yeah this is normal. I’d never live in a city with turnstiles to get into the subway or busses or whatever. Like, bitch, I live here, I pay for this, I use this daily, have the basic human decency to trust me and don’t harass me! That stuff is like DRM in videogames, just bothers the wrong people. We do have ticket checks sporadically and I understand the need to have those because none at all and the system probably wouldn’t work but keep it at a decent level.


Oh and I’m glad you had a good trip!


i don’t really have a habit of photographing stuff so don’t have much but uh i did take pics!

these are some, will post more as i sort my files


frustrating lack of vento aureo references in rome, unfortunately. big ups to them for building that circular building where the gang fights diavolo in the end though


Yeah when I was in Rome we were warned about random ticket checks with a 100E fine if you didn’t have one. Always figured I’d slip the cop a 20 or something if it happened to me

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I hope you got to the Dying Gaul, it’s one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in my life

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Portland, OR, doesn’t have turnstiles but the guards are heavily armed, sometimes with dogs, and we have an electronic ticket system designed seemingly to trip you up into forgetting to do the thing to activate them.
(Sorry for posting this in the Italy thread I just wanted to contribute another American datapoint)


oh yeah i did go to the capitoline museums. of the installations about ancient rome, this had some of the most interesting individual pieces. iirc i became aware of it because of that famous bust of constantine the great

hey and by the way thanks for the tip, this was the best ice cream i had in rome!


Hell yeah Old Bridge glad you enjoyed it!

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i meant to post in this when @scratchmonkey @‘d me but i forgot. wouldn’t have been much help, though, as i’ve only been to Sicily :open_mouth: