Cartoons (Part 1)

Finished Original Gundam

Only one man seemed to have anything close to deserved to die in the whole thing, pretty depressing

Botage and co did you colour Colony Drop pink because of this show’s copious explosions

I’ll watch Zeta now

is this thread going to be about all cartoons or just the silly ones that make people think I’m a pedophile

I found that some of those silly anons on /a/ are doing a cytube of Toradoa for the month, but more importantly, they also watch Golden Time, Toradora’s terrible little brother. So, I’m suffering Golden Time again, but now it’s with 100+ meme spouting assholes who hate the show as much as I do.

It’s actually entertaining now!


I got Netflix about a month back (I know this because my free trial recently expired!) so I got a chance to explore Knights of Sidonia. And it was great up until season 2, what with the great UIs that make me nostalgic for joystick games like Wing Commander and X-Wing and the sense of sheer speed/power. Now we have miss waifu alien who gets all excited about the protagonist and talks through a puppet tentacle and oh my god it went full mary sue. We have this incredibly evil personality but he’s done nothing except consolidate Kurata Industries for pumping out illegal alien weapons and working with the captain who doesn’t appear to know he’s from her past. And the captain herself had staged a coup on the secret government…which apparently hasn’t changed a damn thing! No, instead of these dropped plot points we get to focus on teenage relationships and ughhhh. I read a synopsis of the rest of the episodes and it seems I didn’t miss anything worthwhile.

Had a go at the Captain Harlock movie over the weekend and it was a bit nonsensical in the end but if I didn’t think too hard about it I had fun. Some decently done foreshadowing with the background bit about holograms too.

Um. The prequel to GitS I’ve seen so far hasn’t been too bad. Their biggest issue is how loose they draw characters; they tend to be amorphous. And it was a nice touch to have some of the old english VAs show up for the first episode.

I think we colored CD pink because we liked the color and it indirectly helped with the aggressive tone of the site, but, sure, we’ll say it’s because of all the Gundam beams and explosions.

Most of my cartoon whining is done in 140-character chunks on Twitter now, but I need to practice forming coherent thoughts and longer arguments, so I’ll be back here later to talk about something, I promise

I don’t know about that, most shows deserve to have the entirety of their experience cut down to 140 characters, if that.

Hell, I watch Teekyu and every episode of that is like a incoherent Twitter post.

I survived the first episode of Glitter Force

It’s amazing. It’s every ~Serious Anime Fan ~'s worst nightmares of 90s era practices of preparing a show for broadcast made manifest in the modern era of same day fansubs and simulcasting. Music is constantly going, characters never stop talking, names are changed, Japanese is digipainted into oblivion.

It makes me feel really nostalgic. I love it. However, I’m gonna need something to drink before I dive back in and suffer it again.


I am slightly annoyed I get more a Persona vibe from this trailer rather than the real thing, but whatever

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Smart, hope they keep the diverse background colours. I’d be chuffed if they managed to get all the way to wherever Jojolion is now

Wanpanman finished for the time being with massive animations, never really missed a beat

Yea, this is basically how I felt, but I can’t say I wouldn’t have liked it if I wasn’t familiar with the source already. I imagine it’s roughly like being a sentai fan in the 90s and tuning in to Power Rangers or something.

After seeing a couple of episodes of Cream Lemon (don’t judge me too harshly), I can see why they stopped with the porn and went on to Project A-ko. That was the weirdest and funniest porn I’ve ever seen.

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Extremely hype for next year’s precure based on the character designs alone, I am extremely down with the witch theme.

Welp, Working is over, no more Working ever

I guess there will be no more fun cartoons about people with jobs anymore

Why even watch cartoons

I can’t believe they actually resolved(?) character arcs and plot points in this dumb cartoon about working part-time at Denny’s

Shows with resolution: Working!!, Servant X Service (shows about jobs)

Shows without resolution: Light novel trash

Conclusion: Jobs will kill moe

Welcome to the NHK was right all along

edit: Actually, the Working Cinematic Universe won’t truly be complete until Nazuna takes her place as empress of the world, a thing I truly believe Mama Takanashi could teach her to do

I really am enjoying Concrete Revolutio everything is so cheesy it must be a send-up and yet everything is being played totally straight.

Caught up on cartoons that other people posted silly gifs of so why not watch them

Magical Somera-chan has an episode where they casually suggest making the audience high to accept bad art. Watching all of the show in one day felt like that, but in a good way.

HackaDoll is a weird short cartoon that spent an episode parodying an episode of Eva and another tearing down whatever positive notions Shirobako gave the world, is almost kind of Trigger slumming it and is pretty fun by virtue of knowing how dumb it is.

Tried F is for Family but it’s not better than Bob’s Burgers so

The Beeb is re-doing Watership Down as a 4-parter, but I’m not sure how they’re supposed to improve on the Rosen hyperclassic

New season anime thoughts:

Myriad Colors Phantom World: Chuuni Ghostbusters with anime boob humor. The Slimer of the team is a tiny genie looking girl that looks like she’s out of a 90’s fantasy anime so that’s enough for me to see how goes.

Erased: Good first ep. Def want to see more and how the mystery plays out.

Active Raid is up next. All I know is it some how involves anime in politics and Goro Taniguchi passive aggressively poking at Sunrise.

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