Candy Bars, and Ice Cream, and Snacks, Oh Pie!


Better than any real things.


Pepsi floats with cherry/black cherry ice cream are pretty good. Just, uh…skim the foam off and toss it. It tastes really bad.


Although, being the experienced and cultured man I am now: I’d make that with Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola.


Mint chip is truly a superior flavor

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A coworker of mine told me that Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Bars are horrible then he tried one from a variety bag and proceeded to eat like 8 of them.


When I was a kid we ended up going to the Air & Space Museum about 3000 times because I kept demanding more space ice cream


a clear breach of protocol!

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This was c. 1992, so no breach. Besides, we all know Butterfinger ice cream bars are way better than Eskimo Pies. Though, fruit rolls may be superior to both. I don’t recall if those are the good ones.


Repping for Tillamook brand ice cream over here. It might just be a west coast USA thing at this point – Tillamook is an Oregon dairy producer and I only started seeing it in LA a few years ago – but if you have access, definitely try it. It’s the best non-fancy-just-buying-ice-cream-to-have-in-my-freezer brand that I’ve ever had.


tillamook is like the default ice cream here and its deifnitely the Best Ice Cream That Comes In A Half Gallon Container At The Grocery Store

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just got the thread title, heh good one

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Tillamook has some good flavors. But, I think many of them are too sweet for their own good. Few brands are consistently awesome, though.

Like Umpqua’s chocolate peanut butter is the best I’ve ever had. and their chocolate brownie thunder is by far my current king for actually super chocolately in the way you truly want. But their other flavors range from ok to lame.


The brand at least has cheese sold at an organic grocery store chain in my neck of the woods here in the mid Atlantic, dunno about ice cream though, since I don’t really go there much and just spied the cheese in a sale ad and it stuck with me due to the “That’s the SALE price!?” factor.


Tillamook cheese actually is the best cheese, for the standard types. Cheddar, sharp cheddar, jack, etc. Their Swiss is something else. Its so good. Most swiss is kind of sour and weirdly inconsistent. Tillamook swiss is slightly sweet/nutty. Has a creaminess to it. and the flavor is consistent throughout.


i love snacking on that COUGAR GOLD cheese, i got to eat one that my friend OH WAIT
that @Infernarl had saved for a million years and they werent lying when they said you should age it at home in the can before eating

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Pnw has unexpectedly good dairy
I like tillamook’s greek yogurt better than anyone else’s


i didnt like greek yogurt at all til i moved up here

i love that ellenos passion fruit shit they have at the market too, is that greek it gotta be its called ellenos


i feel like more and more nationalities have their own yogurts these days


and yet when i was a kid, i used to like french set yoghurt, but last time i looked for it in the supermarket, they didn’t have it :thinking:


I tried Icelandic yogurt and it was terrible