Candy Bars, and Ice Cream, and Snacks, Oh Pie!

I enjoyed that Butterfinger thread. Let’s keep it going. I’m particularly interested in ice cream, right now.

Haagen Dazs has a new “spirits” lineup, where they have various flavors inspired by alcohol drinks. I’ve had the Stout Chocolate Pretzel Crunch a couple of times.

It’s pretty darn good.

About a week ago, I tried the Irish Cream Brownie

My pint was kind of like an un-mixed drink, where all of the alcohol flavor was in the bottom half. The top half tasted like a solid cookies and cream. Which is fine, becuase I love cookies and cream. But its not what I payed for, you know? I was about to just stick it into the freezer, for another time. But a couple of bites later, I finally got into the irish cream and the actual chunks of brownie. It ended up being difficult to put down and I finised it all in one sitting.

I’m gonna be on the look out for this new flavor next:

I’ve also been having a ghetto snack where I mix unsalted peanuts with natural maple syrup and Himalayan salt (pink salt). Its…been pretty addicting. Himalayan salt has such a complex flavor, the flavor is almost part of the way to a smoked salt. Combined with the real maple: Its almost like eating peanut butter french toast with bacon. But super quick to make. It would probably be great on some decent vanilla ice cream. Maybe with some bananas…

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i don’t really like ice cream, but i kind of like milkshakes, and i’ve been making this milkshake that’s:

  • 3 scoops of chocolate peanut butter ice cream (yuck! it’s all there is here except for black walnut)
  • a little over 1 cup of milk
  • some ice cubes
  • some vanilla extra
  • a small amount of french vanilla coffee creamer
  • two crumbled up oreos

i blend it so it winds up being a bit thicker and icier at the top of your glass, so it starts off feeling like a mudslide, but then you break through it eventually, and it’s a bit thinner and milkier. i had expected it initially to be very chocolate-y, hence the vanilla stuff, but it wound up being relatively tame in the chocolate department, so i added another oreo and cut back on the ice cubes.

butterfinger ice cream bars are wicked – i remember eating those while watching the batman animated series as a kid.

i would love to see an ice cream with a decent amount of marshmallow. rocky roads in general really dick you over on the marshmallow, and it tends to really piss me off so i never get rocky road.

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i started eating toast with chinese radish kimchi and fancy hommus and now i can’t stop does that count

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Yeah sure! I imagined chips and stuff like that when I put “Snacks” in the title. If I can mention french toast, you can mention your toast. Savory snacks are ok here!

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What brand of choco pb are you using? My fave is Umpqua.

i remember the night i pounded two entire pints of this orange cream flavour stuff i never found again
good night

anyone going to paris should spend all their money at berthillon

theres these dried strawberries i get at the market in HUUUGE bags and theyre just perfect fruit snacks, like snack pack fruit snacks, but real. like my mouth is watering just thinking about them i should get some this weekend


There’s something about dried strawberries. Their flavor is so special.


Is fruit jerky any good or is it just like, Fruit Rollups for grownups

Why is Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food so fucking good?

There is a baffling dearth of ice cream flavors with chocolate ice cream, chocolate pieces, and a significant amount of caramel.

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I’ve always passed over that one because I guess I thought the name was dumb. Guess I should try it…

i love fruit jerky if i had a dehydrator id only make dried fruit shit

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I went to the Ben & Jerry’s HQ once up in Vermont and they had an experimental Chai flavor that I absolutely adored and I’m disappointed it never made it to retail.


Man, Chai ice cream would absolutely rock.

full tilt ice cream has chai flavor AND outrun 2, @disestablished

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All those complicated flavors are cool and stuff. But sometimes the simple stuff is best. Mint Chocolate-Chip will always be my #1

I said it before, but Haagen-Dazs’ Rum Raisin is crack

A little more complex but FYI if you ever go to a Baskin Robbins, try their apple pie ice cream. Its excellent.

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Not sure when I will be back in Seattle. But, I will keep that in mind!

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Actually, I was just thinking about this and my imprinted memory for Baskin Robbins’ apple pie ice cream is that it was the first ice cream I ate after basic training.

So…that’s a real heavy your mileage may vary.

Fucked up that as much as I adore ice cream, I’ll never enjoy it as much as the limited-time-only root beer float-flavored ice cream at a mall in Hilo, Hawaii, circa 1989.


better than the real thing?